Module:Attack of the Mutants!

From Vassal
Publisher Yaquinto Era Fantasy
Year 1981 Topic Science Fiction
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Short


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AOTM_4.0.vmod Module 4.18 MB unknown unknown
AotM_rules_text.pdf Rules 1.17 MB unknown PDF

Module Information

Maintainer ChesterDesmond666
Contributors ChesterDesmond666


Based on Yaquinto album game from the 80s, a tongue in cheek game based on campy 50s sci-fi.. ** A fun and quick 2 player game in which one side plays the embattled humans and the other plays the mutants trying to invade the building and prevent the humans' escape. I have added right click functionality to a lot of the markers; most of these functions' use should be apparent after the rules are understood. I have exhausted all avenues in getting permission to post this from the creator. Obviously, I will comply with any requests made by him.

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