Module:Avec Infini Regret

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Avec Infini Regret Cover.jpg
Publisher Vae Victis Era Gunpowder
Year 2014 Topic French Wars of Religion
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Short

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Battle of Coutras - October 20, 1587 version 1.22
Avec Infini Regret - Battle of Coutras 1.22.vmod Module 7.34 MB 2020-03-27 3.2.17 zhodani olsalt
Battle of Dreux - December 19th, 1562 version 1.22
Avec Infini Regret - Battle of Dreux 1.22.vmod Module 9.9 MB 2020-03-29 3.2.17 zhodani olsalt
Battle for La Roche-l' Abeille, 25th June 1569 version 1.22
Avec Infini Regret - La_Roche-l'_Abeille_1.22.vmod Module 7.11 MB 2020-03-31 3.2.17 zhodani olsalt
Battle for La Roche-l' Abeille, 25th June 1569
La Roche-l' Abeille_1.1.vmod Module 7.01 MB 2014-10-27 3.2.13 zhodani
Battle for Dreux, 19th December 1562
Dreux_1.1.vmod Module 9.82 MB 2014-11-10 3.2.13 zhodani
The battle of Coutras - October 20, 1587
Coutras_1.1.vmod Module 7.24 MB 2014-11-19 3.2.13 zhodani


With Permission from the Designer Florent Coupeau, Laurent Closier, and VaeVictis I present Avec Infini Regret, which is based off of Ben Hull's Musket & Pike series. The game has simplified a lot of the Musket & Pike rules, yet has maintained the flavor. A great game system for newbies to jump into to understand the system.

31MAR2020 = Version 1.22 modifications to the 1.1 modules include: Consolidated rt-click menu items for Troop units; Implemented Orders counters in place of labels; Orders appear on the Leaders Masked with added GKC on menu bar for revealing Orders counters; When you replace a deceased Leader with a subordinate they are automatically sent to the Dead box; Implemented Player sides (Royal, Protestant & Solo) for each player to sign in as.

  • - In the Battle for La Roche-l'Abeille module the Protestant player (only) has a hidden "Entry Hex" game marker they can
   place on the board at the beginning of the scenario (re: Special rule) and which they can relabel & reveal.

19NOV2014 = Version 1.1 modified mouse over view to see hex numbers and trimmed down Dreux by a couple of megs

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