From Vassal
Publisher Kosmos Era Ancient
Year 2019 Topic Civilization
Players 2 to 4 Scale Abstract
Length 60 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Babylonia2.07.vmod Module 14.03 MB 2021-03-24 VASSAL 3.5.3
Babylonia2.06.vmod Module 14.03 MB 2021-03-03 VASSAL 3.5.3
Babylonia2.03.vmod Module 13.98 MB 2021-01-06 VASSAL 3.4.11
Babylonia2.0.vmod Module 12.96 MB 2020-12-20 VASSAL 3.4.11
Babylonia.vmod Module 3.76 MB 2020-05-31 VASSAL 3.2.15

Module Information

Maintainer Donegal
Contributors Donegal,Nate (v2.00)


v2.07 Updates:

  • fixed some things the upgrade to Vassal 3.5.3 seems to have broken, although I'm not sure why the player hands' draw tile button now triggers the movement flag (but dragging a tile from the deck does not).
  • changed key commands for tokens to no longer require the control key (H hides, M marks as moved, R for river) v2.06 Updates:
    • automatic placements of ziggurats and player mats (in randomized turn order) on board
    • draw tile buttons in player windows

    v2.03: Minor additions to the excellent 2.0 version:

    • large indicators for player pieces being placed (moved) or hidden
    • ability to add +100 and +200 to scoring markers
    • player name area on player mats
    • can send city tiles to player mats
    • player aid from BGG user Hibou77 (with permission)

    v2.00 change log (send bugs to Nate):

    • Added auto-setup for all player counts
    • Added "abstract" alternate board art
    • Added colorblind-friendly player colors
    • Added "player mats" to organize play
    • Added public "remaining tiles" count
    • Added mouse-over to city and zig tiles
    • Added snap-to hex grid to game board

    Screen Shots


    • Donegal