Module:Band of Brothers

From Vassal
Publisher Worthington Games Era WWII
Year 2011 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 90 min

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Module version 3.2 (check the date for minor updates)
BoB-32.vmod module 29.87 MB 2023-12-28 3.7.6 G1ul10
Ex1-Ghost-Panzer-32.vmdx extension 15.99 MB 2023-03-02 3.6.11 G1ul10
Ex2-Texas-Arrows-32.vmdx extension 6.03 MB 2023-02-24 3.6.11 G1ul10
Ex4-Battle-Pack-32.vmdx extension 18.39 MB 2023-02-24 3.6.11 G1ul10
Ex5-Old-Breed-32.vmdx extension 34.51 MB 2023-02-18 3.6.11 G1ul10
Module version 3.1
BoB-31.vmod module 23.03 MB 2022-02-12 3.6.5 G1ul10
Ex1-Ghost-Panzer-31.vmdx extension 15.81 MB 2021-12-04 3.6.0 G1ul10
Ex2-Texas-Arrows-31.vmdx extension 6.79 MB 2021-12-04 3.6.0 G1ul10
Ex4-Battle-Pack-31.vmdx extension 18.83 MB 2022-02-12 3.6.5 G1ul10
Module version 3.0
BoB-30.vmod module 22.95 MB 2021-10-15 3.5.6 G1ul10
Ex1-Ghost-Panzer-30.vmdx extension 15.8 MB 2021-10-02 3.5.4 G1ul10
Ex2-Texas-Arrows-30.vmdx extension 6.77 MB 2021-06-04 3.5.6 G1ul10
Ex3-BonusSenarios-30.vmdx extension 26.07 MB 2021-03-10 3.5.3 G1ul10
Ex4-Battle-Pack-30.vmdx extension 18.91 MB 2021-03-14 3.5.3 G1ul10
BoB_module_tutorial_30.pdf document 461 KB 2021-04-03 any G1ul10
Unofficial material for version 3.0
Ex90-ST_AatC-30.vmdx extension 3.6 MB 2021-03-19 3.5.3 G1ul10
Module version 2.0
BoB-23.vmod module 43.85 MB 2017-12-18 3.2.17 David Janik-Jones
Ghost-Panzer-23.vmdx extension 16.35 MB 2017-12-18 3.2.17 David Janik-Jones
Texas-Arrows-23.vmdx extension 13.23 MB 2017-12-18 3.2.17 David Janik-Jones
Battle-Pack-23.vmdx extension 20.52 MB 2017-12-18 3.2.17 David Janik-Jones
Bonus-KS-Scenarios-23.vmdx extension 27.82 MB 2017-12-18 3.2.17 David Janik-Jones
Unofficial-Commonwealth-23.vmdx extension 2.78 MB 2017-12-18 3.2.17 David Janik-Jones


The game system

Band of Brothers is a fast-playing series of games of squad-level combat in WWII designed by Jim Krohn and published by Worthington Games. The game system uses a unique suppression mechanic based on three levels of suppression. This allows suppression to accumulate from multiple fire sources. A unit will not take a morale check until it is asked to do something, so you will never know for sure how your units will respond until they are needed. Although casualties can be caused by artillery and heavy weapons (which makes them prime battlefield targets), squads will never cause significant casualties shooting from afar at dug-in, first-line troops. Their goal is to fire and maneuver. Sections of the enemy force must be pinned down and eliminated from up close. The rules, which include infantry, tanks, and artillery, are simple (no combat charts are needed) and reward a realistic playing style.

Published games

Screaming Eagles is a stand-alone game that covers the exploits of the 101st in their battles from D-Day through the Bulge.

Ghost Panzer is a stand-alone game that is set on the Eastern Front and follows the German 11th Panzer (Ghost) Division.

Texas Arrows follows the US 36th Infantry Division through Italy, France, and Germany during WW2. Ownership of both Screaming Eagles and Ghost Panzer is required to play.

Battle Pack 1 includes a mixture of 8 scenarios from small to large. Ownership of Screaming Eagles, Ghost Panzer, and Texas Arrows are required to play all scenarios.

Bonus KS Scenarios is an official scenario pack for the Band of Brothers series.

The Old Breed is a stand-alone game that covers the exploits of the U.S. First Marine Division in the battles for Guadalcanal and New Britain islands.

Module and Extensions

Vassal module and all extensions developed and submitted with permission from the game publisher and game designer. Each game in the series for West Front, East Front, or Med theater will be released as an extension to make development and updates easier. The structure of the module is the following:

  • Ghost Panzer requires Screaming Eagles (base module).
  • Texas Arrows requires Screaming Eagles (base module) and Ghost Panzer (extension).
  • Battle Pack 1 requires Screaming Eagles (base module), Ghost Panzer (extension) and Texas Arrows (extension).
  • Bonus KS Scenarios requires Screaming Eagles (base module), Ghost Panzer (extension) and Texas Arrows (extension).
  • Old Breed requires Screaming Eagles (base module).

version 3.2

The module has been streamlined, improved, and extended for the inclusion of Old Breed.

version 3.1

Based on the previous versions, it includes a separate turn tracker, updated icons, and more agile management of decoy units.

version 3.0

This version contains new features and some updates to the old ones. In particular:

  • all optional rules are now playable, including facing for infantry units;
  • maps can be positioned both horizontally or vertically;
  • the Command Points system has been reworked to better keep track of units on which CP are actually spent;
  • the commands in the left-click menu have been reworked, updated, and made context-sensitive;
  • movement trails have been added;
  • a more verbose reporting of what's going on in the game has been implemented;

version 2.3

Version 2.3 of the base game and all extensions released December 18, 2017. The unofficial community extension with Commonwealth forces was submitted with the permission of the artist/designer.

  • Unofficial Commonwealth > requires Screaming Eagles (base module)

Screen Shots


  • Rick Billings
  • David Janik-Jones
  • Luigi Celada
  • Richard Krafty
  • Craig68x
  • Linlin
  • raoul76
  • Airin13
  • Rick Galli
  • PzrLehr
  • Brendan Clark
  • Kevin Rohrer
  • Aaron Sibley
  • Pierre Miranda
  • Gina Willis
  • G1ul10