Module:Bar-Lev: The 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Deluxe Edition

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Publisher Compass Games Era Modern
Year 2019 Topic Middle East Conflict
Players 1 to 4 Scale Operational
Length 5 to 12+ hours


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Bar-Lev 3rd v100.vmod Module 110.96 MB 2019-12-03 3.2

Module Information

Maintainer Nigel Rabbetts
Contributors Chris Fawcett


Bar-Lev: The 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Deluxe Edition, represents an updated game treatment of the GDW release originally published in 1977, faithfully remastered with an updated order of battle, a re-engineered sequence of play and revised, expanded rules that fully integrate the air and air defense systems into the rest of the game. Either of the two fronts (the Golan Heights and the Suez Canal) may be gamed separately, or both can be linked to simulate the course of the entire war.

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