Module:Battle Cry: 150th Civil War Anniversary Edition

From Vassal
Publisher Wizards of the Coast Era Gunpowder
Year 2010 Topic American Civil War
Players 2 to 2 Scale mixed
Length short Series Commands & Colors


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
2.1 Standard
BattleCry2010_V2.vmod‎ Standard module 8.89 MB 2015-11-08 3.2.2
2.1 Standard
BCfanscenarios_V2.vmdx Fan Extension 2.88 MB 2015-11-08 3.2.2
1.1 Standard
BattleCry2010.vmod‎ Standard module 4.48 MB 2014-03-08 3.2.2
1.1 Standard
BCfanscenarios.vmdx Fan Extension 1.14 MB 2014-03-08 3.2.2
1.3 Epic
BattleCry2010_Epic.vmod‎ Epic module 6.24 MB 2014-06-20 3.2.2
1.3 Epic
BCfanscenariosepic.vmdx‎ Fan extension for Epic module 979 KB 2014-06-20 3.2.2

Module Information

Maintainer Bayernkini
Contributors Bayernkini


Standard module Version 2.1:

With a new customized Tactician Card deck. It´s not backward compatible.

Fan Extension Version 2.1:

Extension with new units and customized terrain and a lot of fanscenarios. Use this expansion only with with main module 2.xx. It´s not backward compatible.

Standard module Version 1.1:

Added some more Units/Leaders and a new revised Command Card deck. Fixed some minor mistakes.

Because of the start of the new official Support Webpage here is the new official 150th Anniversary Edition version. It´s not backward compatible.

Fan Extension Version 1.1:

Extension with a lot of variant scenarios (Wild West, Zulu, British Colonial Wars), new units and customized terrain.

Epic module Version 1.3:

Added more famous Generals; The 26x9 map have now also 6 (optional) sections and each Field General have now his own command card window.

Epic Fanscenario extension Version 1.3:

The extension includes some more customized terrain, units, and fanmade epic scenarios.

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