Module:Battles for Prydain: Heroic Combat in Dark Age Britain 450-650 AD

From Vassal
Publisher San Joaquin Valley Press Era Medieval
Year 2018 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Short


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Module Information

Maintainer Christopher Scholz


Battles for Prydain is a tactical level simulation that examines the fall of post Roman Britain by looking at 10 individual battles fought between 450 AD and 650 AD. Years of research reveals not just why these post-Roman kingdoms fought, but how they fought. Featuring warlords, javelin armed cavalry, Saxon shield walls, and special rules for Arthur (yes, the Arthur!), Battles for Prydain presents this period in history in a way never before attempted. In addition to extensive historical notes, the game uses a common rules set and counters to examine the following battles:

  • Aylesford (455)
  • Badon (ca. 516)
  • Camlaan (ca. 537) Two versions
  • Arthuret (573)
  • Deorham (577)
  • Argoed Llwyfain (577)
  • Alclud Ford (ca. 580)
  • Degsastan (603)
  • Maserfelth (641)
  • Strathcarron (642)

Scenarios are designed for two players, but a lack of hidden information makes the game highly suitable for solitaire play.

It’s Saxon versus Briton, Scot versus Northumbrian, and Penda of Mercia against everybody!

Permission for VASSAL module given by designer Eleazar Lawson.


  • Christopher Scholz