Module:Battles for the Shenadoah: A Death Valley Expansion

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Publisher GMT Games Era Gunpowder
Year 2022 Topic American Civil War
Players 1 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 4-8 hours Series Great Battles of the American Civil War

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
2nd Winchester
2nd_Winchester_v1.01.vmod Module 122.89 MB 2023-03-01 3.6.10 Stiglr
2nd Winchester
2nd_Winchester_v1.0.vmod Module 122.87 MB 2022-10-19 3.6.7 Stiglr
Cool Spring
Cool_Spring_v1.0.vmod Module 18.86 MB 2022-10-19 3.6.7 Stiglr
McDowell_1.0.vmod Module 51.33 MB 2022-10-19 3.6.7 Stiglr
Piedmont_1.02.vmod Module 41.84 MB 2023-01-28 3.6.10 Stiglr
Piedmont_1.01.vmod Module 41.84 MB 2023-01-05 3.6.7 Stiglr
Piedmont_1.0.vmod Module 41.85 MB 2022-10-19 3.6.7 Stiglr

Change Log

2nd Winchester v1.01 - Corrected issue with Union cavalry rotation; added Random Event AM (in the Confederate AMs display. Piedmont v1.02 - Corrected color mismatch on Stahel Cavalry AM marker, and a few of the units in that command Piedmont v1.01 - Corrected color mismatch on Stahel Cavalry AM marker


A four-battle expansion of the Charles S. Roberts Award-winning Death Valley: Battles for the Shenandoah, this add-on set adds new maps and builds on some of the maps in the original, 10-battle set. Four new battles fleshing out both the 1862 and 1864 campaigns.

- Note: 2nd Winchester has a large file size, due to its large map composition, so be sure to, at a minimum, increase your Vassal cache to preclude display and performance problems. Suggested cache: at least 1028 MB.

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