Module:Bayonets & Tomahawks

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Publisher GMT Games Era Gunpowder
Year 2021 Topic Colonial Independence
Players 2 to 4 Scale Operational
Length 60 - 240min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Bayonets_N_Tomahawks_1.0.vmod Module 32.74 MB 2021-04-11 3.5.5
Bayonets_N_Tomahawks_1.01.vmod Module 33.1 MB 2021-04-30 3.5.5
Bayonets_N_Tomahawks_1.03.vmod Module 34.46 MB 2021-05-20 3.5.5
Bayonets_N_Tomahawks_1.04.vmod Module 34.55 MB 2021-05-20 3.5.5
Bayonets_N_Tomahawks_1.05.vmod Module 17.16 MB 2022-27-22 3.6.7
Bayonets_N_Tomahawks_1.06.vmod Module 17.14 MB 2022-27-22 3.6.17

Module Information

Maintainer Kevin Conway [Jardic]
Contributors Ed Pundyk


Version 1.01:

  • Added 1d6, Added militia to Battlefield, Added markers to played cards board, Moved WiE chits, fixed counter errors.

Version 1.03:

  • Added Sideboard where the "Winter Quarters' command does not effect pieces. Ships staged as reinforcements were being sent early to bag. More minor fixes.

Version 1.04:

  • Scenario 1; Added French Langlade to Detroit, & British Mohawks to Albany.
  • Scenario 3; moved Starting VP to French 5.

Version 1.05:

  • Updated module to vassal 3.6.7.
  • Replaced 4 cards and player Aids with new versions per Living Rules.
  • Deleted a bunch of unused images, and optimized others to shrink file size.
  • Deleted old versions of scenarios.

Version 1.06:

  • Updated module to vassal 3.6.17.
  • I ran the 'Refresh Predefined Setups' tool from the module editor. This fixed the failure of the French draw button failure. At least for me.

Bayonets & Tomahawks (B&T) is a 2-player strategic game focusing on the French & Indian War 1755-1760. Its fluid yet rich system ensures fun for players of all levels. One player controls the British and the other controls the French and most Indians. Indian diplomacy, raids, constructions, naval operations, sieges: nothing is left out in order to immerse players in the fascinating military asymmetries of the 18th-Century colonial frontier.

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