Module:Belter: Mining the Asteroids, 2076

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Publisher Game Designers Workshop Era Future
Year 1978 Topic Science Fiction
Players 1 to 5 Scale Tactical
Length 480

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Belter base module.vmod Belter module file 4.1 MB 2022-7-24 3.7 FMAlanbrooke FMAlanbrooke
Belter module.vmod Belter expanded module file 199.76 MB 2022-8-02 3.7 FMAlanbrooke FMAlanbrooke Belter Spreadsheet 475 KB 2022-07-17 Excel 2016 FMAlanbrooke FMAlanbrooke simple player record sheet 21 KB 2022-07-18 MS Word FMAlanbrooke FMAlanbrooke

Change Log

  • v. 2.0 of the base game. Ships and installations now can right-click to record all their details. Hired labour can right-click to go on strike. There is now a "hide all counters" button. Dedicated staff are distributed randomly. Spaceships can now rotate to all 12 points of the hexagons. There were also a few other minor changes. The spreadsheet available from BoardGame Geek has been drastically improved.
  • v. 1.6 of the expanded game: Added the events menu and altered the prospecting menu to include ice asteroids, diamonds, platinum, and He-3. There is still a problem with the player turn chits where it throws up an error message on the first turn. The basic game doesn't have this problem and they look identical as regards the player turn chits.
  • v. 1.5 of the expanded game: each player now gets a turn order piece when they click on the turn order button on their player mat. The piece is automatically removed when a new game turn is started. Fixed some other minor errors, added startup information for the PKF.
  • v. 1.5 of the base module, added player turn pieces for each player and automatically calculated player order. There are now effectively 13 possible players. Re-drew the map so it's more like the original map, and clearer. Fixed the grid problems. Eliminated all aspects of the game that weren't in the original game.
  • v. 1.2 fixed the turn counter
  • v 1.1 - made some cosmetic improvements to the menu bar, fixed an error in a player counter mix, added the quick start guide


BoardGameGeek link

Youtube video explaining how to get started

In the latter years of the 21ster Century, with Earth and overcrowded world, the new frontier is the asteroid belt lying between Mars and Jupiter. This is an untamed and lawless region which promises untold riches and threatens terrible danger. Amid the shattered rubble of the former fifth planet, it is possible to find riches enough for a lifetime, or a quick end to life. Companies ruthlessly fight over the spoils using whatever means at their disposal, including military space craft, troops and gangs of thugs. Belter introduces elements of role-playing and imagination while realistic constraints (supply and demand, supervised elections, physical violence) shape the course of the game. Players prospect and mine planetoids for general wealth; wealth which they will use to expand their corporate empire. Into this situation, player introduce their work forces, search for valuable minerals, min and refine them, and sell them on the open market. They may make a fortune, or they may go broke trying.

There is a base version of the module and an expanded version, using my "Belt Rush" expansion. The latter will include various aspects of The Expanse TV series. There will be Expanse personality cards for all the leaders (drawn randomly) and names for the commercial organisations based on names used in The Expanse. There will also be water and food, water ice asteroids, asteroid bombs, diamonds, platinum, He-3, asteroid bombs, breaching pods, extra weapons, more installations, and ship upgrades.

To play the game, it is best to use the attached spreadsheet or player record cards. Players click on their side's colour button to get a counter tray on which to put their personality cards and counters. There is also a tactical battle tray in case it is needed. Many information counters have been added so you don't have to write everything down.

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