Module:Black Orchestra

From Vassal
Publisher Game Salute Era WWII
Year 2016 Topic Spies/Secret Agents
Players 1 to 5 Scale Tactical
Length 90 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
BlackOrchestraV1.vmod main module 25.99 MB 2018-06-25 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer AleCrespi
Contributors AleCrespi


v 1.1 changelog

- automatic nazi leader movement and calculation of motivation, suspicion and military support (while drawing new event cards).

- fixed "Played Card" zone on new map layout (previously was out of the board)

- fixed "Draw to Hand" command (previously was no card drawn)

- automatic setup to decide difficulty level (insted of selecting it manually after setup)

v 1.0 changelog

- removed dice from the board

- created a "Dice Tray" (to keep dice separate from main board and store them wherever you like on screen)

- automatic dice roll / clear

- added buttons to assign bullseye results directly to dissent track

- die result report on main log window

- separate window for cards (to store all decks and save space on screen)

- added buttons to draw directly an event from a specific stage

- added a button to move current event to key event

- added a button to clear/discard actual event

- automatic "move to" for Nazi Leaders tokens

- automatic report to reflect movement

v 0.3 changelog

- modified player tokens (see previous post)

- added limits to Motivation and Suspicion token (to avoid going out of the player board)

- added some "report logs" (to understand who is acting and doing things)

- added Event card names (to be clearer on reports)

- added dissent track zoomable text (move the mouse over there and see...)

- added shortcut (and right click submenu) on player token to open relative player board

- Pieces Inventory: separete lists for cards and items in player hands

- added "Military Support" simplified tokens (pieces window --> "Difficulty" tab) to be placed anywhere on the board (insted of having a separate window with MS track)

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