From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era Renaissance
Year 1991 Topic Naval
Players 1 to 4 Scale Abstract
Length Medium

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Blackbeard-1.6.vmod Module 18.15 MB 2022-03-15 3.2.17+ DDD Game Designs - Craig Ulfgdar
Blackbeard-1.152.vmod Module 13.07 MB 2016-07-01 3.2.17+ DDD Game Designs - Craig Ulfgdar,alfonso
Blackbeard-1.12.vmod Module 9.99 MB 2014-03-03 3.2.11 Ulfgdar alfonso
Blackbeard-1.11.vmod Module 5.78 MB unknown unknown alfonso


Version 1.12

Changes from 1.11 version:

  • Added missing pirate tile for Kidd, plus a bigger size marker for numbers.
  • Moved the chit and card decks from the board to their own window for easier placement.
  • Added and corrected some properties on various chits.

Version 1.15

  • corrected Masking problem with counter ownership.
  • Remade by hand Merchant Ship Counters to correct size variances, which made layers buggy.
  • Revamped the Draw Deck window and created a separate window for the various "Counter Cups".
  • Separated the Cards from the Counters in the counter tray.
  • Ship Cards and Pirate Cards now appear in a completely separate window.
  • Added Captain Jack Sparrow card and counters from PotC.
  • added 4 New ship types: Flute, War Sloop, Brig, and Frigate.
  • Introduced optional rules in menu bar.
  • Added Notes menu to the menu bar.
  • added Safe Haven Counters.
  • modified the player color square to a dot on the counter so you can see counters under the pirate counter.
  • added ownership colors to Kings Commissioners
  • Corrected a number of buggy counter functions.
  • Introduced different color highlighters for Kings Commissioners on map tracker.
  • added hex grid.

Note: After placing a Ship Card or Number Marker you will not be able to select it unless you hold down the ALT key. This was done to minimize accidentally grabbing these Items while in the player window.

Version 1.152

  • Corrected Kings Commissioner Cup.
  • Number markers can now be selected as any counter, old feature proved annoying.

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