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Publisher Games Workshop Ltd. Era Fantasy
Year 1986 Topic Sports
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Medium


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Contributors brownrob


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This is a central repository for game variants of the popular BloodBowl Fantasy Football game. Currently the Dungeonbowl mod is finished, the LRB5 version, of the rules can be found here: DungeonBowl rules

I have added in pitches for other popular variants, such as StreetBowl, Deathbowl, BB7s, Beach Bowl

LRB5 rules of Bloodbowl can be found here:
LRB5 BloodBowl rules

DungeonBowl Changelog

Version 1.3 (3rd June 2007)

  • Added in boards for Bridge Bowl, Bloodbowl Sevens, Beach Bowl, Street Bowl and DeathBowl
  • Added Rules for these variants into the Help files
  • Added a longer Range Ruler, and a Crowd Throwin template
  • If anyone knows how to add in a Java Class where you can preload a roster from a HTML/XML file, then please let me know, as I suck at that kind of stuff!

Version 1.2 (27th March 2007)

  • Chests and teleporters now have transparent backgrounds, to blend in with the tiles
  • Changed the highlight colour to white and thinned the lines to be more visible against the black background
  • Added a replacement icon for the Norse Snow Troll
  • Added an L tile, and smaller walkway tiles to allow greater customisation of dungeons. also added a pit tile
  • Added in an endzone marker to allow custom endzones to be created
  • I might not have mentioned it before... but I also added in Overview and Zoom capability to the mod to facilitate easy viewing. I also doubled the size of the game board!
  • Fixed a bug where Norse players wouldnt go stunned/prone!

Version 1.1 (26th March 2007)

  • Changed icons to accomodate Norse new player positions in LRB5

Version 1.0 (26th March 2007)

  • Initial release

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