Module:Blood Bowl: Team Manager - The Card Game

From Vassal
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games Era Fantasy
Year 2011 Topic Sports
Players 2 to 6 Scale Abstract
Length 90 min

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
BBTM-50.vmod Module 27.88 MB 2015-02-16 3.2.6 Tim McCarron
Sudden Death-50.vmdx Extension 10.07 MB 2015-02-16 3.2.6 Tim McCarron
Foul Play-50.vmdx Extension 11.46 MB 2019-08-25 3.2.6 Tim McCarron
Foul Play-50rev1.vmdx Extension 11.05 MB 2019-02-03 3.2.6
Scoreboard Team Markers-50.vmdx Extension 92 KB 2015-05-12 3.2.6 Tim McCarron
BBTM-42.vmod Module 27.8 MB 2013-04-16 3.2.4 Tim McCarron
Sudden Death.vmdx Extension 10.07 MB 2013-04-16 3.2.4 Tim McCarron
BBTM-41.vmod Module 26.93 MB 2013-03-03 3.2.2 Tim McCarron
BBTM-40.vmod Module 51.33 MB 2013-02-13 3.2.2 Tim McCarron Garthnait
BBTM-40 ReadMe.pdf 4.0 - 5.0 Help File 155 KB 2013-02-13 PDF Tim McCarron
BBTM34x.vmod module 52.79 MB 2013-01-25 3.2.2 Garthnait Gary Weatherly
BBTM27x.vmod module 18.39 MB 2012-12-02 3.1.20 Gary Weatherly


As per FFG policy, all Tournament & Headline card texts are blank to ensure players own a copy.

Version 5.0 fixes, changes and improvements Now Available

  • Updated with Foul Play expansion
  • Fixes Champions of Death cards being sent to Human decks during end phases (oops!)
  • Misc fixes - very seldom seen bugs...
The extensions can be played by themselves with the base module, however when playing with both extensions loaded DO NOT rename the extension files - their loading order at startup is very important and is based on the file names. Changing the file names will cause At Game Start setup issues

  • Foul Play updated to add trolls to lowdown rats team 2019-08-25

Version 4.2

  • Updated with Sudden Death expansion
  • Fixes erroneous Cheat command by upgrading to Vassal 3.2.4

Version 4.1

  • Updated Morg 'n Thorg cards to reflect slight difference between CWC and OWA
  • Fixed Wood Elf Freebooter from going to Human hand
  • Fixed card rotation at start up / player join
  • Removed superfluous trigger command from Star players' right click menu
  • Add support for up to 6 players
    • Rearranged Main map to allow for 5 and 6 player (extra highlight spaces) and prep for expansion
    • add new players - unassigned 5 & 6
  • Added Highlight space for Headline "More Sales More matches" - auto draws and places when revealed
  • Add variant houserule - Spike magazine autodraw a headline w/ Trophy is drawn
  • Sudden Death extension is ready (to be released separately) - awaiting graphics
    • added new teams to base module
  • Reduced Module size under 30Mb

Version 4.0/4.1

  • complete overhaul of the previous versions by Tim McCarron. Features and Module information can be found in the separate accompanying pdf help file above

Older versions

The Version 3.x, made by Garthnait, is an updated / modified version of Garys 2.7 version of the module. After playing a couple of rounds I realized that some cards were missing. Also we thought about adding 5 to 6 player compatibility.

Changes since 2.7 are:

  • scanning all cards new in higher quality (excluding the Spike Deck because of the copyright policy)
  • adding the missing Staff Upgrade Cards
  • building support for 5 and 6 players
  • changing the way Star Player Cards are discarded (adding new rightklick options), so the could be discarded to players Discard Pile
  • changing the way Staff Upgrade Cards are discarded (they now went to bottom of Staff Upgrade Deck after discarding)

Thanks to Gary for creating this awesome Game in Vassal. I love this game so much that I spent my time improving this great Module. > You are welcome! You have done truly amazing work on your version. It is one of my favorite modules now.--Gary Weatherly 12:30, 2 March 2013 (MST)

P.S.: I'm looking for someone who can scan the cards for me in german, for a german version of the module.

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  • Garthnait
  • Gary Weatherly
  • Odysseus3
  • dgarsys