Module:Bomber Boys

From Vassal
Publisher Web Era WWII
Year 2020 Topic Dice
Players 1 to 1 Scale Abstract
Length 15-30 min

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You could’ve heard their hearts beating like drums were it not for the roar of the engines. The crew remained stoic despite the challenge ahead. They were deep in it now, closing in on the target, and they all knew it wouldn’t be long until the German welcoming committee arrived.

The bomber shook rhythmically as it cut through the clouds, emerging into the brilliant blue sky. The captain warily scanned the horizon, awaiting the inevitable. “Won’t be long now, boys. Keep sharp,” he commanded in a cool tone, his nerves secretly jangling. He narrowed his eyes to shutter the glare of the sun.

And then he saw them.

Tiny specks at first, growing larger by the second. The first swarm had arrived. With white knuckles, he tightened his grip on the yoke, preparing to enter the maelstrom of war. “Here they come,” he shouted with a snarl, his adrenaline spiking as the skies suddenly lit up around them. Within seconds, the No. 3 engine had erupted like a Roman candle. The deafening rattle of the crew guns filled the cabin as the next wave rolled in. “We may all die yet in this war,” he barked over the chaos. “But I promise you this – it won’t be today!”

Bomber Boys is a dice rolling and dice allocation game with a WWII theme. You are managing the crew of an Allied aircraft during a series of air operations. To win, you have to complete each of the given missions, and each mission ends with a target that you have to bomb for a major victory. The game comes with five missions of progressive difficulty, and gameplay is based on a combination of decision making and luck.

How to play the module: Within the module select Help then How to use this Module.

Awards & Honors
2020 Golden Geek Best Print & Play Board Game Nominee
2020 Charles S. Roberts Amateur/Print & Play Wargame Nominee

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