Module:Bonaparte at Marengo

From Vassal
Publisher Simmons Games Era Napoleonic
Year 2005 Topic Napoleonic Wars
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Medium

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
BonaparteAtMarengo-v3.2.vmod Module 1.12 MB 2023-11-15 3.2.17 unknown jwboone62,shilinski,Ian Clarence
BonaparteAtMarengo-v2.vmod Module 448 KB unknown 2.7 unknown jwboone62, shilinski
BonaparteAtMarengo-test.vmod Debug Module 448 KB unknown unknown unknown jwboone62, shilinski


Simmons Games: France vs Austria, 14 June 1800

The Austrian army surprises an outnumbered and outgunned Napoleon. The French are defeated and retreat, but reinforcements counter-attack and win, driving the Austrians from the field.

For rules and more information, visit Simmons Games: Bonaparte at Marengo (via Internet Archive)).

When you run the module, pull down the help menu to see a players guide, which should explain how to use the module.

Version 3.2 11/15/23

Version 2 was built with Vassal 2.7 and the unit masking does not appear to function correctly on even the oldest of the currently popular Vassal versions (3.2.17). I have fixed this and added automatic morale tracking and a "look here" pointer - useful for live play (CTRL-Click).

Simmons Games website is now gone - Internet Archive link added.

Version 2 8/24/06

Mark Buetow discovered an error in the map. Marengo was missing the cavalry and artillery penalties firing out of Marengo. The gray lines were so light on the white background that I had to rework the map extensively, and I blew it. My deepest apologies. (You can see the error in the gallery below.)

Progress - 8/11/2006 Wow! It's almost been a year since I made an entry. Good news, rather great news! Stan Hilinski has volunteered to take up the baton with this project. I appologize for my lack of progress here but hopefully Stan can dust this project off and get it out to the players.

Progress - 9/18/2005 Need to experiment with stackable v. non-stackable pieces to see which one gives the best results when different pieces have different rotations in the same area. I may need to go back an define the pieces as true squares rather than rectangles to get the best results.

Progress - 9/11/2005 Life gets in the way but I finished defining the map areas. Next up are the pieces.

Progress - 8/26/2005 I'm planning on finishing defining the map areas this weekend then start on the counter traits.

Progress - 8/8/2005

  1. Cut map into 4 sections to improve memory performance.
  2. Defined the areas in 3 of the 4 map sections.
  3. Created a test piece to move around on the map to check areas already defined.
  4. Started work on piece images

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