Module:Breakout Normandy

From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1992 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Long

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
BKN_ver_4.1.vmod Module 11.82 MB 2023-8-15 3.6.19+ mkerby
BKN_ver_4.0.vmod Module 11.65 MB 2022-09-15 3.6.7+ mkerby
BreakoutNormanday2ndEdition.vmod Module 20.88 MB 2016-01-27 3.2.15+ kwojtasz
BreakoutNormandyv0.56.vmod Module 4.5 MB 2014-04-27 3.2.11+ kwojtasz bennyb
1.0 Series A
Breakout Normandy A v1.0.vmod Module 5.48 MB 2013-11-19 3.2.8+ mkerby bennyb
Breakout Normandyv0.54.vmod Module 3.86 MB 2013-04-13 3.2.4+ bennyb
Breakout Normandy v0.53.vmod Module 3.77 MB xxxx-xx-xx 3.0+ bennyb


Version 4.1 has been released to address the following:

  • Corrected several units with mis-functioning change flags.
  • Updated reinforcements for June 15th and beyond with the fading disruption marker.
  • Fixed issue with Allied depots not handling negative values properly.
  • Added a area shading feature which was available in the beta test modules.

Version 4.0 has been released. This supercedes any pre-release copies of version 3.0. This module is the L2 version of Breakout Normandy. Originally an Avalon Hill Classic. This version has visual and functional changes from version 2.0.


  • Shadowing has been added to provide depth and distinction between the units and the map.
  • Disruption is now a property of the combat units. You no longer flip your counter and drag a disruption marker onto it.
  • There are separate key controls for spent, refit, and disruption.
  • Flags exist for the following activities within a turn or phase of the game:
    • Movement outside of the current zone,
    • Changing from fresh to spent or disruption.
    • Refit.
  • Die rolls can be done for each unit and bridge (Ctrl-I). The die result will appear in the upper left corner.
  • Many other features such as drop a control marker, label the unit and leave notes and arrows to mark up the combat space for visual references.


  • Bridges are now non-movable counters on the map. The player needs to right-click on any of the bridges to change the status of the bridge. (German held/destroyed/Allied held)
  • Construction markers can be summoned from the bridge's location on the map. (Ctrl +G or +A)
  • Non-bridged river crossing markers will still have to be pulled from the counter tray.

Additional Counters:

  • All the extended game counters. (Minor ports, Storm, Mulberries, Omaha & Gold Depots)
  • Arrow and notes for adding visual references to your saved games.
  • Contested area counters.

Automation - Impulse marker feature:

  • Advancing the impulse marker in the German portion of the track will add a weather marker to the track. These should not be moved as they affect other features during play.
  • From impulse 3 and greater, the player will be prompted to provide the weather for the upcoming impulse. During the 2nd and 3rd week, Storm is an option the player can choose.

Automation - Depot counters:

  • German depots are affected by the weather at the start of the day and the number of opposite weather on the impulse track. Update each impulse with the correct weather to have the depot reflect its correct value.
  • Allied depots are affected by the number of fresh German CA units adjacent or in the corresponding beach source area. In the extended game the storm will affect the Allied depot value in addition to any fresh coastal artillery interdiction.
  • Depot values will decrease as you refit your units.

Automation - Turn Record Track Marker:

  • During the refit phase, the player needs only to place the impulse counter on the zero or impulses purchased for the next day. When the turn counter is advanced on the Turn Record Track, the turn start weather marker will move to the location of the Impulse marker and all the previously placed weather counters will be removed.
  • Reinforcements - Advancing the turn counter on the Turn Record Track will place reinforcements on their starting areas or optional locations.

Supply Track:

  • The Supply Track now has a total display underneath it showing the German and Allied supply amounts. These displays have increment and decrement buttons so the player can change the values without having to unstack the markers.

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