Module:Bull Run

From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era Gunpowder
Year 1983 Topic American Civil War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
2.1 Original Graphics
Bull Run AH Version 2.1.vmod Module 60.12 MB 2/13/2022 3.6.4
Bull Run V5.vmod Module 4.12 MB unknown unknown
Bull Run v4.0.vmod Module 4.12 MB unknown unknown
Bull Run - Prelude to Battle.pdf 924 KB unknown unknown
Bull Run Terrain Effects.pdf 27 KB unknown unknown
Bull Run Rules.pdf 985 KB unknown unknown
USA OB.png 318 KB unknown unknown
CSA OB.png 438 KB unknown unknown
Bull Run Card.png 125 KB unknown unknown
BR Counters.png 261 KB unknown unknown
Bull Run Player Aid Card.pdf 505 KB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer cgmclellan
Contributors pmart, cgmclellan,Stephen Oliver


Vassal Version 2.1 uses original graphics.

VASSAL Version 4.0 & Version 5.0 conversion of ADC2's Bull Run module

9 Aug 08

ADC2 Bull Run V5 converted to VASSAL using VASSAL 3.1.0-Beta3

V5 adds BRIGADE factors to leaders and infantry and reciprocal factors to battle/mobile artillery. V5 adds AH grid coordinates to units on map.

This VASSAL 3.1.0-Beta2 module comes from conversion of ADC2 Bull Run module with Steve Likevich's (module maker) permission. The hidden unit version has not yet been converted, but perhaps will be when Beta3 is released.

The module had a setup boundary line for Union units. That line could be turned off in ADC2 but not in VASSAL; consequently, it was deleted before this conversion was made. As an alternative, there are optional markers provided that can be used to establish the setup boundary.

Artillery batteries can flip from the mobile side to the battle side and then back to the mobile side.

Confederate units that are frozen can be flipped to a blank side then back to their normal side. Artillery units that are initially frozen have a blank side and flip from mobile to battle to blank and then back to mobile.

All initial Union forces also have a blank side to support the Optional Fog of War variant. Dummy leaders needed for this variant are in the tray.

Units to support the July 20th variant are also in the tray.

Rules, charts, and other material can be separately downloaded.

Screen Shots


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