From Vassal
Publisher Multi-Man Publishing Era WWII
Year 1999 Topic Pacific Theater
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Short Series Operational Combat Series

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
burma_v2_15.vmod Module 66.66 MB 2024-02-01 3.7.7 Herman Wu Jeff Coyle, Myk Deans
burma_v2_14.vmod Module 66.55 MB 2023-09-15 3.7.0 Herman Wu Jeff Coyle, Myk Deans
burma_v2_13.vmod Module 66.5 MB 2023-02-05 3.6.11 Herman Wu Jeff Coyle, Myk Deans
burma_v2_12.vmod Module 66.37 MB 2022-11-06 3.6.7 Herman Wu Jeff Coyle, Myk Deans
burma_v2_11.vmod Module 66.13 MB 2022-03-28 3.6.5 Herman Wu Jeff Coyle, Herman Wu
burma_v2_10.vmod Module 66.77 MB 2021-12-10 3.5.8 Herman Wu Jeff Coyle, Herman Wu
burma_v2_09.vmod Module 66.77 MB 2021-08-22 3.5.8 {{}} Jeff Coyle, Herman Wu
burma_v2_08.vmod Module 66.55 MB 2021-01-09 3.3.2 {{}} Jeff Coyle, Herman Wu
burma_v2_07.vmod Module 75.93 MB 2021-01-03 3.3.2 {{}} Jeff Coyle, Herman Wu
burma_v2_06.vmod Module 75.42 MB 2020-04-07 3.2.17 {{}} Jeff Coyle, Herman Wu
burma_v2_05.vmod Module 74.79 MB 2019-12-26 3.2.17 {{}} Jeff Coyle, Herman Wu
burma_v2_04.vmod Module 74.79 MB 2019-11-25 3.2.17 {{}} Jeff Coyle, Herman Wu
burma_v1_39.vmod Module 19.48 MB 2019-11-06 3.2.17 PerryA jeux12sl, GregD, DaveyJones, kishel, wtgustafson
burma_v1_38.vmod Module 19.49 MB 2017-10-06 3.2 PerryA jeux12sl, GregD, DaveyJones, kishel, wtgustafson
burma_v1_37.vmod Module 19.38 MB 2014-07-07 3.2 moxou jeux12sl, GregD, DaveyJones, kishel, wtgustafson
burma_v1_36.vmod Module 16.85 MB 2014-04-12 3.2 wtgustafson jeux12sl, GregD, DaveyJones, kishel
burma_v1_35.vmod Module 16.73 MB 2011-08-19 3.1 jeux12sl GregD, DaveyJones, kishel
burma_v1_34.vmod Module 16.73 MB unknown 3.1 DaveyJones GregD, jeux12sl, kishel
Burma V1.33.vmod Module 12.7 MB unknown 3.1 jeux12sl GregD, kishel
burma_v1_31.vmod Module 11.85 MB unknown unknown jeux12sl GregD, kishel
burma_v1_2.vmod Module 11.73 MB unknown unknown kishel jmlima, GregD


Original by Greg D.

For version 2.15 - Updated unit highlighting functions: Highlight Supply to include Low Stocks markers, Highlight Railheads to include RR Repair units.

For version 2.14 - Updated the Mouse-over Stack Viewer to display the underlying terrain hex. Added magnification feature to the Inventory function. Standardized key-stroke selection of non-stackable pieces to eliminate key-stroke duplication with Map Flare function.

For version 2.13 - Fixed Combat Markers bug, so that they always display above counter stacks. Added keyboard shortcuts for dice roll functions. Updated keyboard shortcuts summary sheet, moved it under Help menu as pdf. On main map, changed piece select highlight to red border. Back-end revamping of Prototypes for OCS markers.

For version 2.12 - Incorporated Sub-menus to better organize drop-down menus for land/air units. Added Combat Markers to facilitate PBEM. Streamlined text option of displaying step losses. Added reference sheet of commonly used keyboard shortcuts.

For version 2.11 - Minor backend updates to eliminate error messages.

For version 2.10 - Minor updates for v3.6.x compatibility without generating error messages.

For version 2.09 - Upgrade to v3.5 to enable Map Flare functionality. Upgraded Inactive aircraft marker to be more prominent. Decreased size of Mask graphics to obscure less of the counter area for the friendly player.

For version 2.08 - Incorporates a redrawn map of the Yunnan expansion pack by Dean Essig. Also added an Inventory-all button.

For version 2.07 - Added Fog of War features, so that players can now Mask all their pieces except Exploit and Out of Supply markers. Also revamped campaign reinforcement displays. vsav files from v2.06 will not be compatible with this version.

For version 2.06 - Added draw piles for Japanese reinforcements. Added free setup scenarios.

For version 2.05 - Setup correction made to Short Scenario 2 (U-Go).

For version 2.04 - This is a complete revamp, incorporating all the latest standardized features of non-FoW OCS modules. Charts updated to OCS v4.3, as well as latest version of living rules (including revised TEC). Card deck features incorporated into Japanese Dead Piles to enable random draw rebuilds. Counter highlights and Formation highlights also now available as features. Assorted bonus vanity counters from 1990's Gamers Christmas mailings also included under the Game Counters tab. Note that games started in earlier v1.3x modules will not be compatible with this updated version.

For version 1.39 - changed Supply counters so they are marked Moved because Supply can only be moved once per Movement Segment. The Terrain Effects Chart in the module does not match the most current version available from

For version 1.38 - added more colors to KTX markers, added 3 colors of circle markers, added transparent Hog markers, added Trainbusting marker, added small markers for: DG; Exploit (with numbers); Out of Supply; Strat Mode. Fixed issues in short scenario 2 setup. All the vsav files need to be reviewed.

For version 1.37 - change direction of the on map holding box - added Jap dead pile holding box on B map lower left corner - also changed the Burma 2.0 Chart
This is my first contribution - if there is any mistake report to moxou

For version 1.36 KTX markers, short scenarios 1-5 and campaign scenarios 2 and 3 have been added

For version 1.35 the Japanese engineer of the 53 Div had been removed for correction

Updated to add the optional Yunnan Expansion version 1.34 also available here

For version 1.33, please report any errors to jeux12sl.

Burma 1.33 also available here

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