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Publisher Chip Theory Games Era Future
Year 2022 Topic Spies/Secret Agents
Players 1 to 4 Scale Abstract
Length medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Burncycle_1.0.vmod module 70.68 MB 2022-06-20 3.6.6

Module Information

Maintainer Gattsu (talk)


A puzzly infiltration game for 1-4 players, burncycle puts you in command of a team of robots in the far future. Their mission: taking down evil, human-run corporations responsible for subjugating AI under their heel. Your team arrives at each corporate headquarters and must sneak inside, shutting down the companies' physical operations as well as their circuitous digital networks. As you search rooms and advance to the higher floors, you'll be rewarded with new items and abilities, but you'll also be challenged by threatening guards, fatal viruses and the architecture itself, which was built to fight off robotic intruders.

Version 1.0

This is the first version of an unofficial fan made Vassal module for "burncycle".

I added some convenient features.

  • A click on the left/right Side of a Chip will rotate it
  • A click into the center of a Chip will flip it
  • Most non-Bot/Guard/Captain Chips will be delete if clicked eg Terminal/Cache...
  • Door pegs are easily placed by clicking the peg hole on the Map Tile
  • In the upper left Corner on the Command Module is a Chip Shuffle area. Any chips dropped their will be shuffled and can then be placed on the burncycle
  • Network Dice can be increase/decreased by clicking the right/left side of the Dice.
  • A click on an Action Dice rolls the Die
  • Actions Dice can be rolled in bulk by selecting them and click the Roll button on the Agent Board

If you like the game please consider to support Chip Theory Games and buy burncylce.

Thanks to Chip Therory Games for their permission to upload this Vassal Module.

© 2022 Chip Theory Games. All rights reserved.

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