Module:Campaign Commander Volume III: Punic Island

From Vassal
Publisher Bellica Third Generation Era Ancient
Year 2011 Topic The Punic Wars
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 200 min Series Campaign Commander


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Punic_Island_-_v_1-03b.vmod module 33.81 MB 2014-04-17 3.2.11
Punic_Island_-_v_1-03.vmod module 33.81 MB 2014-04-17 3.2.11
Punic_Island_-_v_1-02.vmod module 33.65 MB 2013-12-05 3.2
Punic_Island_-_v_1-01.vmod module 33.62 MB 2013-10-23 3.2
Punic Island - v 1-0.vmod module 33.66 MB 2013-10-17 3.2

Module Information

Maintainer Judd Vance


Click "Charts" button on the icon menu bar and then select the "How to use this module" tab for tips on using the module.

1.03 updates:

  • Added die roller to battle boards (1.03b).
  • Right-click on resource marker and select "spend for operation" - it automatically reduces the count by one and adds an operation marker.

It then adjusts the player's supply marker to full supply.

  • Right-click on the supply marker and select the option and it automatically adjusts for the correct number of supply points.
  • Target marker in the battle board does not stick to units.

Reinforcements counters automatically play when events occur.

  • Many events trigger when card is played (VP cards, Syracuse switches sides, etc).
  • All map zones named
  • Better Battle Chit mechanism
  • Leaders are drawn randomly and automatically.

Screen Shots


  • Judd Vance
  • Pierre Miranda
  • Tal S