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Publisher Web Era Between Wars
Year 2011 Topic Crime
Players 1 to 1 Scale Abstract
Length 15 minutes


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Maintainer Chad Mestdagh
Contributors Chad Mestdagh


This is a solitaire game that was entered into the Solitaire Print and Play Contest on the BoardGameGeek contest last summer. Full rules are inside the module.

A challenging free Print and Play game for one player, aged 10 and up, lasting 10-20 minutes

Story: Year 1930. The Outfil leader, Al Capone, is running Chicago unchallenged. Until a bunch of federal agents, known as the Untouchables, tries to stop him. build up the case collecting pieces of evidence, patrol the streets, raid illegal bars, protect witnesses... Will you read Capone's intentions in time? Are you big enough a man to send him to prison?


The player starts with 5 pieces of evidence and tries to collect 10 pieces of evidence in a maximum of 10 turns. Each turn the player lets fall randomly cubes on face-down tiles, which are Capone's orders. Then the player tries to counter Capone's choices by placing his 3 characters in one or several locations on the central board.

The game is won if the player gets 10 pieces of evidence. The game is lost if the amount of evidence ever falls to zero, if Eliot Ness gets killed or if the court jury is utterly bribed.

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