Module:Captain Park's Imaginary Polar Expedition

From Vassal
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Publisher Cheapass Games Era Victorian
Year 2002 Topic Humor
Players 3 to 7 Scale Abstract
Length 60-120


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Module Information

Maintainer GunsTooMuch


Captain Park's Imaginary Polar Expedition is a humorous game where players search Victorian London for the most interesting Anecdotes, Artifacts, Facts, Heroes and Photographs to convincingly spin a tale of global exploration. Captain Park will do his best to discover what you are up to as he doesn't want his own (Imaginary) Polar Expedition to appear any less fantastic!

The help file in the module contains only a very basic run down of the rules, but luckily the full rules for the base game can be found here.

Captain Park's Imaginary Polar Expedition was designed by James Ernest and published by Cheapass Games. This module was created with permission.

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