Module:Car Wars Compendium

From Vassal
Publisher Steve Jackson Games Era Future
Year 1989 Topic Science Fiction
Players 2 to 8 Scale Tactical
Length 1+ hours


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Compendium.vmod Module 7.6 MB 2011-05-6 unknown

Module Information

Maintainer Greschen
Contributors Greschen


This module is out of rules version, you still need a compendium book to play with it.

This module includes :

  • 7 arenas (3 on water)
  • Car, Cycle, Ten-wheelers, Bus and Big Rigs
  • Aquabike, Boats and Large Boats (with automatic wake counters creation)
  • Maneuvers are complete with one command
  • Placement of droppers with one command, gas streamer shoot and HD with two commands
  • Placement of debris and obstacle in the same way
  • Range for weapons, walkaround, etc...

2.1 version add-on :

  • Different killed layer for each vehicle (official wrecked vehicle counters)
  • Cycle, Trike and Reverse Trike counter

Following update are programmed in order :

  • Add Arrow counter for crash result
  • Add Racing cars
  • Add Car trailers
  • Add Hovercraft
  • Add Chopper
  • Add Charts for quick play

LDB website

The Last Derby Bowl is a french PBEM. Since we'll have english player, the mostparts is in english language With the arrival of VASSAL, it may be play in live.

Link : LDB Website

Screen Shots


  • Greschen
  • Peril Jaune
  • Metal Milita
  • Wheels of Fire
  • Damocles
  • Amazones
  • Vulcan