Module:Cards Against Humanity

From Vassal
Publisher Web Era Contemporary
Year 2011 Topic Humor
Players 3 to 8 Scale Abstract
Length 30 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Offical Versions
CardsAgainstHumanity1_0.vmod module 968 KB 2012-03-25 3.1.18
CardsAgainstHumanity1_2.vmod module 955 KB 2012-03-25 3.1.18
CardsAgainstHumanity1_2_1.vmod module 963 KB 2012-05-26 3.1.18
CardsAgainstHumanityDeleted.vmdx extension 647 KB 2013-03-29 3.2.2
CardsAgainstHumanityEx1.vmdx extension 546 KB 2013-03-29 3.2.2
CardsAgainstHumanityEx2.vmdx extension 639 KB 2012-09-06 3.2.0-beta1
CardsAgainstHumanityEx3.vmdx extension 573 KB 2013-03-29 3.2.2
CardsAgainstHumanityXmas.vmdx extension 172 KB 2012-09-06 3.2.0
Custom Cards
CardsAgainstHumanity1_0+Custom.vmod module 1.12 MB 2012-03-25 3.1.18
Cards_against_humanity_custom.vmod module 1.47 MB 2012-06-03 3.1.18

Module Information

Maintainer ShayDwight
Contributors whammypower788


As of March 25, 2012, I have updated all three versions available to include Zoom Functionality for each Player's Hand and the main playing field, as well as adding a Player Display, so it's easier to keep track of who is what player number.

File names have changed to preserve the version format that Max and the other creators of Cards Against Humanity have created and used.

Version 1.0 has 460 White Cards, 90 Black cards and was the very first commercially available set.

Version 1.2 has the same number of White and Black cards as its predecessor, the only difference is some cards have been replaced by others.

Version 1.2.1 fixes two duplicate cards in version 1.2 (one of which is actually a duplication in the PDF version of the game.)

Deleted Cards contains cards deleted from prior versions of Cards Against Humanity. Expansion 1 contains all of the cards from the first expansion (and previously deleted cards). Expansion 2 contains all of the cards from the second expansion. Expansion 3 contains all of the cards from the third expansion.

Version 1.0 + Custom is identical to 1.0 above, but it also contains 127 new cards that my friends and I have created. Mostly Anime and Video Game references.

Cards_against_humanity_custom is 1.0, but with a few of the previous custom cards, as well as some new one. Will eventually be edited to add 1.2 cards as well because I'm a derp.

I have personally received permission from This game is also under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license, as per their website.

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