From Vassal
Carolingi BC.jpg
Publisher Sea Cove Games Era Medieval
Year 2023 Topic Abstract Strategy
Players 2 to 6 Scale Abstract
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Carolingi v1.vmod Module 7.72 MB 2023-00-07 3.6.19


Please read the module instructions below before emailing with questions. Thanks!

Carolingi VASSAL Module Instructions:

1. When first loading the VASSAL module, use the button in the Winter Season space to select the number of players. This will delete unnecessary pieces.

2. Right-click on pieces for pop-up menu options.

3. The map has been cropped from the physical game. The card-slot spaces are on the right-hand side of the main play display. Drag cards here as needed.

4. There is a space to the left of the Archivium deck where surplus gangs may be sent as needed (rather than on top of the deck as in a physical game).

5. Palace piece may be sent to wheel of fortune random draw deck by right-click, or by dragging and dropping.

5. If playing advanced game, after selecting number of players (see #1 above), open Advanced Game window using toolbar button. Drag or right-click to send country cards to Archivium deck. Cubes may be sent to wheel of fortune draw bag for random draw.

6. Anarchy & Rebellion module cards are in the window accessed by toolbar button.

7. Right-click on "Harmut" on toolbar to execute end-turn. Then, one-by-one, right-click on golden tiles on turn track in order to execute functions like add Hunger Card, send Tiles back to player board, etc.

© Sea Cove Games 2023; Sebastian Freudenberg and Christoph Cantzler

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