Module:Carrier Battle: Philippine Sea

From Vassal
Publisher Compass Games Era WWII
Year 2022 Topic Naval
Players 1 to 1 Scale Tactical
Length 60 - 240 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
CB -Philippine Sea Ver-1.vmod Module 21.05 MB 2023-08-03 3.6.19

Module Information

Maintainer Kevin Conway [Jardic]


"Carrier Battle: Philippine Sea" is a solitaire simulation of the largest carrier battle in history, fought during the invasion of Saipan (June, 1944). As the U.S. commander, you maneuver your task forces and conduct air searches in a tension-packed contest to find the Japanese carriers before they locate and attack yours. Simple game mechanics control Japanese movement and determine the timing and strengths of their attacks. You will not know that a Japanese air strike is headed your way until it is detected by radar and you scramble your fighters to intercept.

The game has a total of nine scenarios. Four learning scenarios take you through the rules by programmed instruction using slices of the real battle. The other five are full-scale, fully replayable games. These include one-day scenarios for each day of the action, a two-day scenario for the whole battle, a hypothetical scenario presuming different US plans, and a hypothetical scenario in which Midway was never fought and the Japanese come armed with the full Pearl Harbor striking force.

Carrier Battle: Philippine Sea is based on Carrier: The Southwest Pacific Campaign – 1942-1943(Victory Games, 1990) but is a new, standalone wargame.

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