Module:Chaos in the Old World

From Vassal
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games Era Fantasy
Year 2009 Topic Horror
Players 3 to 4 Scale Miniatures
Length 2 hours


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Chaos_in_the_Old_World_FFG_1.22.vmod module 24.21 MB 2012-11-17 3.19
Chaos_in_the_Old_World_FFG_1.21.vmod module 27.03 MB 2012-10-11 3.19
Chaos_in_the_Old_World_FFG_1.20.vmod module 27.03 MB 2012-09-23 3.19
Chaos_in_the_Old_World_FFG_1.07.vmod module 26.91 MB 2012-09-16 3.19

Module Information

Maintainer Aberzombie
Contributors bugggg


As per FFG policy, all Old World cards/Ruination cards texts are blank to ensure players own a copy.

Version 1.22 changelog:

  • Upgrade cards have been reworked to now fit in the empty space between the miniatures and the chaos cards
  • Corruption tokens have been resettled closer to the old world map (there is now enough empty space under the PP counter/corruption tokens for the dial tokens)
  • A few fixed reports

Version 1.21 changelog:

  • Fixed the Tzeentch Power Point counter to go over 6pp
  • Added 2 end game phases: "resolve hero tokens" and "check for game end"
  • Added additional zoom-out levels
  • Added a few reworked reports
  • Plus the round end automatically removes damage from all units.
  • Minor misc fixes

Version 1.20 changelog:

  • Added new Power Points counters.
  • Added Chaos Cards draw to hand buttons.
  • Added Setup Button for Old World cards & tokens
  • Added further playerside access restrictions.
  • Plus many fixes and corrections.

Version 1.07 changelog:

  • A few fixes

Version 1.06 changelog:

  • First Version (removed)

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