Module:Cheese Chasers

From Vassal
Publisher Burnt Toast Publishing Era Contemporary
Year 2008 Topic Humor
Players 1 to 4 Scale Abstract
Length 10 min


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Maintainer IanthePez
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Big Mama is out of the house, so the Mice of the Cheese Chasers are out Chasing Cheese. Fat Cats are on guard, ready to pounce and devour the Cheese Chasers. Help the Mice surround the Cheese and break the Mousetraps so that they can get to the Cheese and be the top Cheese Chasers around!

Cheese Chasers is a solitaire game, that is free to print and play. Each game takes one to five minutes to play, for ages 8 and up. The contents of Cheese Chasers are: 1 rule book and 40 cards.

The pdf files for the game may be found at the company's homepage: Burnt Toast Publishing V 1.0

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