Module:Chitin: I

From Vassal
Publisher Metagaming Era Future
Year 1977 Topic Science Fiction
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 45 min Series Metagaming Microgames series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
chitin1v1.2.vmod Module 54.33 MB 2018-10-01 3.2.17
chitin1v1.1.vmod Module 54.34 MB 2016-03-24 3.2.15
ChitinI_Manual-v1.2.pdf User Guide 1.88 MB 2016-03-24 n/a
ChitinI_Exp_Manual-v1.0.pdf User Guide Expansion 590 KB 2016-03-24 n/a

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Chitin: I The Harvest Wars is a two-player tactical MicroGame that simulates the food-harvesting phase of the Hymenopteran year.

Game #2 in Metagaming's MicroGames series by Howard Thompson

Arch Reaper - Designed by Larry Blincoe

Low Hacker - Designed by Ben Crowell

Graphic Redesign by Scott Everts

Illustrations by Nick Hayes

Manual layout by Chris Taylor

Vassal module testing by David Martin, Freya Martin

Chitin 1 v1.2 - movement trails added

Vassal module design tutorial on YouTube - big thanks to Joel Toppen

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