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Publisher (Self-Published) Era Modern
Year 2020 Topic Environmental
Players 2 to 5 Scale Abstract
Length 30-60 min

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Climate_Change_1-1.vmod Module 3.74 MB 2023-07-13 3.6.19+ Alecrespi (Other modules by Alecrespi)
ClimateChange.vmod module 2.9 MB 2020-07-18 3.0 Alecrespi (Other modules by Alecrespi) Michela Leonardi

Change Log

Version 1.1

  • Vassal 3.6.19+ compatibility
  • added PDF English rules
  • added symbolic die button
  • enabled HTML chatlog (to show die result)

Version 1.0

  • initial release


Everything starts in the savannah. It’s pleasantly warm and it does not rain very often. Different species are living in there, perfectly adapted to their habitat. Life is easy. Temperature and rainfall are not the same everywhere, so the world is divided in four habitats based of the climate in each area. Each round covers approximately one million years, in which the species can move and evolve, by adapting to new habitats. Every now and then the climate changes globally. When the temperature increases the savannah expands; when it drops it shrinks and the ice grows, while the other habitats move accordingly. In order to survive, species should either move to follow their habitats or adapt quickly to new ones, if they are not able to do so they will go extinct. And, after a while, humans may arrive and start changing things…

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