Module:Codeword Cromwell: The German Invasion of England, 8 June 1940

From Vassal
Publisher Fifth Column Games Era WWII
Year 2014 Topic Western Front
Players 1 to 1 Scale Tactical
Length medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Codeword_Cromwell_2_3.vmod Module 32.61 MB 2016-27-07 Vassal 3.2.16 Dulgin

Module Information

Codeword Cromwell is a military boardgame simulation based on a German Armed Forces Invasion of England in summer of 1940. It was produced by the Combined Forces Military College in Greenwich, and is used to train officers of the Combined Defense Force that was established following the cessation of hostilities in March, 1941.


For module history and older versions, see the module discussion page

Main changes in Version 2.3

  • Piece counters in German units decks fixed (would't shown in Vassal 3.2.16)
  • Adding Anti-Tank-Marker-Function to units/characters
  • Game set up changed, included save game removed

Please send me feedback if you find any bugs in the module design or have suggestions for improvement.

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