Module:Colonial Twilight: The French-Algerian War, 1954-62

From Vassal
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Publisher GMT Games Era Modern Warfare
Year 2017 Topic Algerian Civil War
Players 1 to 2 Scale Abstract
Length Medium Series GMT COIN Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Colonial Twilight v2-2.vmod Module 10.67 MB 2021-01-15 3.4.12 Joel Toppen
Colonial Twilight v2-1.vmod Module 10.67 MB 2021-01-12 3.4.7 Joel Toppen
Colonial Twilight v2.vmod Module 10.67 MB 2020-10-30 3.4.6 Joel Toppen
Colonial Twilight v1.25.vmod Module 10.67 MB 2017-08-12 3.2.16 Joel Toppen
Colonial Twilight v1.24.vmod Module 10.67 MB 2017-08-04 3.2.16 Joel Toppen
Colonial Twilight v1.3.vmod Module 10.67 MB 2017-08-04 3.2.16 Joel Toppen

Module Information


Version 2.2 fixes a bug where Increase Population incorrectly calculates Support. Also fixes bug where Mobilization pivotal event did not correctly register as "playable."

Version 2.1 fixes a bug where automated control is incorrectly accounted for when Bases are sent back to Available Forces.

Version 2 updates module to be compatible with VASSAL software version 3.4x.

Version 1.3 corrects the playability of Mobilization Pivotal Event. Event is now playable when OPP+FLN Bases ≥ 15 (previous versions had it incorrectly triggering at >15).

Please read the module instructions below before emailing with questions. Thanks!

Module Instructions:

1. Bases do not “move” per-se. you cannot drag them around. They are placed by right-clicking on the round base spaces on the map. IMPORTANT: For placing GOVT bases in OUT OF PLAY, right-click on semi-transparent “base” spaces in the Out of Play box. Similarly, right-click on semi-transparent “base” spaces in Morocco and Tunisia to activate those spaces per event card play.

2. “Border Zone Status” and “Resettled Sectors” markers are activated by right-clicking on the appropriate Pivotal Event card and choosing the "Play Event" command.

3. “End Card Play” button resets eligibility. Text on Eligibility Pawns reveals who is 1st Eligible (or who becomes 1st eligible based on pawn placement).

4. Right-click on France and Border Zone Status markers to advance/reduce level. Propaganda Reset button on toolbar also resets these -1 level.

5. Right-click on Population number box in sectors/city spaces to place markers and/or dispatch forces. Right-click on 1-Pop spaces will allow space to be Resettled. Right-click on 2/3-Pop city spaces allow +1 Pop marker placement. Scoring should adjust automatically.

6. Deck creation buttons have been placed at the top-right of the map. Click on the appropriate button to generate the deck. All unused cards are removed from play permanently. (They are deleted.)

7. Pivotal Events are in lower-right of the map. They can be moved but can just as easily remain here. Right-click on cards and select "Play Event" unlocks other cards and/or features on the map (like Border Zone and Resettled markers).

8. Right-click on Momentum and Capability cards and choose to Play Event will send card to the card spaces on bottom edge of the map. These cards will ask player to choose which side plays the event (for dual capability events, choose either side, it won’t matter). The capability marker is then superimposed over the card rather than placed into the Capabilities box. Momentum cards are discarded when you press the Propaganda Reset button on toolbar. Momentum cards fill spaces from far-right to left (resets after Propaganda Reset button is pressed). Capability cards fill spaces from far-left to right. For those who desire to use them, capabilities counters are in the markers tray and can be manually dragged onto the map. They will not be placed in the Capabilities box as part of the "Play Event" command.

9. Regarding Momentum cards: The module allows for either player to play the event even though the card may have the momentum effect for only one player. Just choose the option consistent with card text –module won't do this for you. If the wrong "side" is chosen, right-click on the card will allow you to choose the other "side."

10. Regarding Terror Markers: These markers are NOT removed automatically when Propaganda Reset is pressed. Here’s why: It is conceivable that >1 marker would be in a sector and reset should only remove 1 such marker. Players will need to delete these manually. For now anyways...

11. Support/Opposition is adjusted by right clicking in the appropriate box in each sector/city space. Just like in all my other COIN modules.


Known bugs with version 1.25

Right-click on "Momentum" cards uses the term "Capability" instead of "Momentum." Card still functions correctly and does dispatch to the correct card slots. It's a minor typo.

© GMT Games 2017; Brian Train Design; Series by Volko Ruhnke

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