Module:Combat! Volume 2: An Expansion for Combat!

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Combat 2-Box Cover.jpg
Publisher Compass Games Era WWII
Year 2021 Topic Western Front
Players 1 to 1 Scale Tactical
Length 2-6 Hours

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Combat!2 Base Module version 3.1
Combat_3_1.vmod Module 122.02 MB 10/25/2023 3.7.4 Greg Amos Nigel Rabbetts
Combat!2 Extension Add-on version 1.2
Combat!2 Extension_1_2e.vmdx Extension 145.24 MB 1/26/2024 3.7.6 Greg Amos Clifton Franklund
Combat!2 Campaign Module version 1.3
Combat_2_Campaign_1_3.vmod Module 37.31 MB 10/25/2023 3.7.4 Greg Amos Clifton Franklund
Combat_Experienced Add-on
Combat_Experienced Add-on.vmdx Module 3.14 MB 7/9/2023 3.6.19 Greg Amos Clifton Franklund

Change Log

  • 1.2 I added Clifton Frankland's Combat! dice. These can be rolled by clicking on the D10 button as before or clicking on the Weather mat.
    • I added an additional Combat skill slot and Movement skill slot on the editable characters.
      • Combat!2 Base Module 3.0 Updates the artwork to 2nd Edition
  • Combat! 3.1 Updated to VASSAL 3.7.4
  • Combat_2_Campaign _1_3 Updated to 3.7.4


    • There is a "HOW To Use" video in the Help menu of each Module. This should help you become familiar with the controls of each module.
    • Some charts have been left out of each module to conform with Compass Games wishes. They are not missing!
    • Due to future expansions and the campaign included in Combat!2 I decided to use extensions for this module.
    • Combat_2_1.vmod is the base Combat! module and can be used to play Combat! as a standalone. I used Nigel Rabbetts module as a base to work from.
    • Combat!2 Extension_1_2.vmdx is the Combat!2 extension which allows you to play Combat volume 1 & 2 with this module. This Extension needs to be added to the Combat! module through the "Add Extension" command in your main VASSAL menu. Right click on the Combat! module 2.0b line once you have installed that.
    • Combat_2_Campaign_1_2.vmod is a stand alone Module I made so that you can run your Combat!2 campaign through VASSAL. Use this to run all the Administrative duties of your Combat!2 campaign and fire up Combat!2 module for any missions or Patrol encounters.
    • Combat_Experienced Add-on.vmdx adds Clifton Franklund's Experienced Card deck.

Screen Shots


  • Greg Amos
  • WeeBeasties