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Publisher GMT Games Era Medieval
Year 2019 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 2 Scale Mixed
Length 60 minutes Series Commands & Colors


Base Game v 1 (English)

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
CCMedievalV1_9.vmod Module 12.54 MB 2022-06-13 3.6.7 G1ul10
CCMedieval_Epic_Map_unofficialV1_9.vmdx Extension 4.09 MB 2021-06-14 3.6.7 G1ul10
CCMedieval_Gothic-War_unofficialV1_9.vmdx Extension 918 KB 2022-06-14 3.6.7 G1ul10
CCMedieval_Norse-Invasions_unofficialV1_9.vmdx Extension 1.34 MB 2023-04-30 3.6.11 G1ul10
CCMedievalV1_8.vmod Module 13.89 MB 2021-07-10 3.5.8 G1ul10
CCMedievalV1_7.vmod Module 12.56 MB 2020-12-18 3.4.11 G1ul10
CCMedieval_Epic_Map.vmdx Extension 4.04 MB 2021-03-06 3.4.11 G1ul10
CCMedieval_Gothic-War_unofficial.vmdx Extension 714 KB 2020-12-23 3.4.11 G1ul10
CCMedievalV1_5.vmod Module 12.63 MB 2020-08-02 3.3.2 G1ul10
CCMedievalV1_4.vmod Module 10.4 MB 2020-03-14 3.2.17 G1ul10

Module Information

Maintainer G1ul10
Contributors AleCrespi


Version 1.9:

- a larger version of the card is shown to the player when the card is hidden from the opponent;
- when drawing two cards on the board they are placed side to side (not stacked);
- when drawing two cards on the board the flipping sound is produced;
- the "Area of Effect" right-click menu item of range capable units has been renamed "Show Range";
- the "Activate" right-click menu item of Command Cards has been renamed "Play";
- a link to online game rules has been added in the Help menu;
- the "to player hand"  right-click menu item has been moved to the bottom;
- sounds have been normalized consistently using mp3 files;
- key F1 now opens the Charts window.

Version 1.8:

- added end-of-turn button on player's hand windows;
- added end-of-turn bell ring;
- added button to draw two cards on the board;
- block lost counters activated in the "File-> Preferences" tab;
- added "move in hand" entry in the card's right-click menu;

Version 1.7:

- moved all sound and visual options in a "File->Preferences" tab;
- code clean-up (eliminated unnecessary prototype definitions);

Version 1.6:

- added icons in the Inspired Action menu on player windows to
  clarify which actions are available to which side;
- movement trail management compatible with VASSAL v.3.4;
- new player icons and tooltip clarifying that player 1 has
  the top side and player 2 the bottom side;
- added ctrl-z as the global "undo" key;

Version 1.5:

- added the possibility to play inspired action directly from the
  leadership card (right-click menu);
- consistent reporting from the different game components;
- alt is now the meta-key for command cards (drawing, activating,
  flipping and deleting) to avoid any interaction with the units on
  the board;

Version 1.4:

- fixed bug in leader loss count;
- fixed bug on unit trail removal when eliminated;
- added a message when units sound is switched on/off;

Version 1.3:

- added plus/minus buttons for the inspired action tokens;
- selecting a battlefield or leadership action in the hand window;
  automatically decreases the number of inspired leadership tokens;
- added light background card slot outlines in player hand windows;
- added command cards inventory button;
- added "target" marker to city gates;
- automatically put a unit under a leader when stacked;
- removed "attack" marker from leaders;
- uniform color in player hand windows, irrespective of window size;
- text labels for leaders, units and terrain hexes now are "Serif
  bold Italic" 20 points, with transparent background. I've got rid
  of those terrible post-it style stickers!
- unified "CTR-L" command to add labels to terrain and units;
- added the "AoE" menu entry to units with range 2;
- no discard menu entry for command cards when in player hand;
- substituted the wrong "leaders" card with a color-consistent
- code clean-up (eliminated unnecessary prototypes);

Version 1.2.1:

- updated with the corrected "Leaders" card.

Version 1.2:

- background of the left panel consistent with the graphic theme of the main map;
- consistently implemented writings in the same color;
- leader correctly counted in the tournament "block lost" counter;
- prototypes for leader features;
- fixed links for scenario 006 and 011.


C&C Ancients is Richard Borg's game of medieval warfare, published by GMT Games.
You can find info, rules, scenarios and more on Commands & Colors: Ancients website.

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