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Publisher GMT Games Era Napoleonic
Year 2010 Topic Napoleonic Wars
Players 2 to 8 Scale Tactical
Length 1-6 hours Series Commands & Colors

Current Versions (Older Versions at bottom of page)

Standard-Size Game (2 players)

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
CCNapoleonics4_1_9.vmod‎ Module 118.11 MB 2023-03-29 3.6.15 marktb1961 AleCrespi, bdgza
CCNv4_Change_Log.txt‎ Change Log 15 KB 2023-03-16 marktb1961
CCNapoleonics3_43.vmod‎ Module 19.33 MB 2023-03-06 3.2.14 Bayernkini Mark McG, marktb1961

EPIC & La Grande Battle Games (2-8 players)

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Epic v2.2
CCNapoEpic2.vmod‎ Module 16.19 MB 2016-10-31 3.2.2 Bayernkini
Fansscenariosepic.vmdx Extension 2.87 MB 2016-10-31 3.2.2 Bayernkini


Find players and support via the CommandsAndColors.NET fan site.

The Files and Comments sections are divided into "Standard-Size" and "EPIC & La Grande Battle” sub-sections. Select the sub-section for the type of game that you wish to play.

Standard-Size Game
Modules & Extensions for standard-size Commands & Colors: Napoleonics.

Version 4.1
Version 4.1 is a maintenance update to Version 4.0 to fix minor bugs. It includes only minor new features. See Change Log for full list. To ensure operation with Vassal version 3.6, this release is NOT backwards compatible (except for viewing); all participants in a game should use the same Vassal and module version.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to bdgza for converting his C&C Scenario Chooser to work with Napoleonics and to AleCrespi for enabling scenario data used by the tool.

Version 4 introduced many convenience features whilst remaining familiar to v3.4 users. New features include a revamped Toolbar, self-managing hand windows, intelligent combat markers and graphics in the chat log to display dice results and other information. Most fan scenarios are included. A tutorial aids new players and those familiar with earlier versions. The latest release and a change log is in the files section above.

Please post on the VASSAL module support forum to advise any issues.

Version 3.43
Version 3.4 is the classic Commands & Colors: Napoleonics module. Version 3.43 corrects two scenarios in v3.42 (River Coa & Czarnowo) and patches the card count feature for Vassal v3.6.12+ compatibility. Remains compatible with Extension v3.41.

Extension Version 3.41: Provides most standard size fan scenarios published by designers on Only compatible with Main Module version 3.4x

EPIC & La Grande Battle Games
Modules & Extensions for games on the EPIC Napoleonics & La Grande Battles Napoleonics size boards.

Epic Version 2.2
EPIC & La Grande Battles module; all Expansion 6 EPIC and La Grande Battle scenarios included. This version is not backwards compatible with the unofficial epic version nor the old epic fan extension.

Epic Extension Version 2.2: Epic fan scenarios. Requires Epic Main Module version 2.2.

See for Archived comments

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  • Joel Toppen
  • bdgza
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  • Bayernkini
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  • Pierre Miranda
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Older Versions

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
CCNapoleonics4_0_6.vmod‎ Module 125.63 MB 2021-11-08 3.5.8 marktb1961
CCNapoleonics3_42.vmod‎ Module 19.29 MB 2020-02-20 3.2.17 Mark McG marktb1961
CCNapoleonics3.vmod‎ Module 18.72 MB 2016-10-31 3.2.2 Bayernkini bdgza
CCN_Fansscenarios3.vmdx Extension 5.37 MB 2016-10-31 3.2.2 Bayernkini bdgza
CCNapoleonics2.5.vmod‎ Module 10 MB 2015-04-02 3.2.2 Bayernkini bdgza
CCN_Fansscenarios.vmdx Extension 2.61 MB 2015-04-02 3.2.2 Bayernkini bdgza
Commands & Colors Napoleonics v1.42.vmod Module 9.68 MB 2010-12-19 3.1.15 Joel Toppen
CCNv1.41_Notes.txt User Notes 1 KB 2010-12-019 Joel Toppen
Epic v1.21 (Unofficial)
CCNapoEpic1.2.vmod‎ Module 10.28 MB 2015-01-09 3.2.2 Bayernkini
Fansscenariosepic.vmdx Extension 2.87 MB 2015-01-09 3.2.2 Bayernkini