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Publisher GMT Games Era Napoleonic
Year 2010 Topic Napoleonic Wars
Players 2 to 8 Scale Tactical
Length 1-6 hours Series Commands & Colors

Current Versions (Older Versions at bottom of page)

Standard-Size Game (2 players)

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
CCNapoleonics4_1_15.vmod‎ Module 126.47 MB 2023-11-16 3.7.5 marktb1961 AleCrespi, bdgza
CCNv4_Change_Log.txt‎ Change Log 17 KB 2023-11-16 marktb1961
CCNapoleonics4_1_9.vmod‎ Module 118.11 MB 2023-03-29 3.6.15 marktb1961 AleCrespi, bdgza
CCNapoleonics3_43.vmod‎ Module 19.33 MB 2023-03-06 3.6.14 Bayernkini Mark McG, marktb1961

EPIC & La Grande Battle Games (2-8 players)

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Epic v2.2
CCNapoEpic2.vmod‎ Module 16.19 MB 2016-10-31 3.2.2 Bayernkini
Fansscenariosepic.vmdx Extension 2.87 MB 2016-10-31 3.2.2 Bayernkini


Find players and support via the CommandsAndColors.NET fan site.

The Files and Comments sections are divided into "Standard-Size" and "EPIC & La Grande Battle” sub-sections. Select the sub-section for the type of game that you wish to play.

Standard-Size Game
Modules & Extensions for standard-size Commands & Colors: Napoleonics.

Version 4.1
Version 4.1 is a maintenance update to Version 4.0 to fix minor bugs. It includes generally only minor new features. v4.1.10 adds in-game Player Aids, improving mouseover ("hover text") functionality for units & terrain. See Change Log for full list of changes.

To ensure operation with Vassal version 3.6, this release is NOT backwards compatible (except for viewing); all participants in a game should use the same Vassal and module version.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to bdgza for converting his C&C Scenario Chooser to work with Napoleonics and to AleCrespi for enabling scenario data used by the tool.

Version 4 introduced many convenience features whilst remaining familiar to v3.4 users. New features include a revamped Toolbar, self-managing hand windows, intelligent combat markers and graphics in the chat log to display dice results and other information. Most fan scenarios are included. A tutorial aids new players and those familiar with earlier versions. The latest release and a change log is in the files section above.

Please post on the VASSAL module support forum to advise any issues.

Version 3.43
Version 3.4 is the classic Commands & Colors: Napoleonics module. Version 3.43 corrects two scenarios in v3.42 (River Coa & Czarnowo) and patches the card count feature for Vassal v3.6.12+ compatibility. Remains compatible with Extension v3.41.

Extension Version 3.41: Provides most standard size fan scenarios published by designers on Only compatible with Main Module version 3.4x

EPIC & La Grande Battle Games
Modules & Extensions for games on the EPIC Napoleonics & La Grande Battles Napoleonics size boards.

Epic Version 2.2
EPIC & La Grande Battles module; all Expansion 6 EPIC and La Grande Battle scenarios included. This version is not backwards compatible with the unofficial epic version nor the old epic fan extension.

Epic Extension Version 2.2: Epic fan scenarios. Requires Epic Main Module version 2.2.

See for Archived comments

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  • Joel Toppen
  • bdgza
  • AronBC
  • J6A
  • theimann
  • ColtsFan76
  • JWandel
  • Bayernkini
  • Grifalco
  • Derekrledr
  • Michaelangelo
  • oneway76
  • soul1st
  • Pierre Miranda
  • RiverWanderer
  • Tal S
  • utl94

Older Versions

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
CCNapoleonics4_0_6.vmod‎ Module 125.63 MB 2021-11-08 3.5.8 marktb1961
CCNapoleonics3_42.vmod‎ Module 19.29 MB 2020-02-20 3.2.17 Mark McG marktb1961
CCNapoleonics3.vmod‎ Module 18.72 MB 2016-10-31 3.2.2 Bayernkini bdgza
CCN_Fansscenarios3.vmdx Extension 5.37 MB 2016-10-31 3.2.2 Bayernkini bdgza
CCNapoleonics2.5.vmod‎ Module 10 MB 2015-04-02 3.2.2 Bayernkini bdgza
CCN_Fansscenarios.vmdx Extension 2.61 MB 2015-04-02 3.2.2 Bayernkini bdgza
Commands & Colors Napoleonics v1.42.vmod Module 9.68 MB 2010-12-19 3.1.15 Joel Toppen
CCNv1.41_Notes.txt User Notes 1 KB 2010-12-019 Joel Toppen
Epic v1.21 (Unofficial)
CCNapoEpic1.2.vmod‎ Module 10.28 MB 2015-01-09 3.2.2 Bayernkini
Fansscenariosepic.vmdx Extension 2.87 MB 2015-01-09 3.2.2 Bayernkini