From Vassal
Publisher Steve Jackson Games Era Modern Warfare
Year 1991 Topic Politics
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 30-60 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
coup.vmod module 7.26 MB 2013-09-09 3.2.8

Module Information

Maintainer Stephen Rogers


No attempt has been made to date to contact Steve Jackson Games, the holder of this game's IP, for permission to use materials from the original game. Should the original holder of the IP request it, all copies of this mod will need to be deleted; by downloading or copying this mod from any source, you automatically agree to delete it upon request. Any official notice of such a request will be given on the VASSAL forums.

Initial placement of the Government forces has been done as per the game's standard rules; this has not been done for the Rebel forces, again in accordance with the game's rules. The VP counters in the upper right may be accessed via left click and incremented either via right-click menu or through use of the open bracket ("[") key. All pieces can be placed via standard drag and drop; they can be returned to their draw piles via right-click menu or through CTRL-R. The game does utilize a snap-to irregular grid for position reporting and the pieces do stack; if you want to rearrange the order of pieces in a stack, it's necessary to right-click on the top piece of the stack, move it to another hex, repeat as necessary and reassemble the stack later.

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  • Stephen Rogers