Module:Crossbows and Cannon

From Vassal
Publisher 3W Era Middle Age
Year 1992/93 Topic Medieval battles
Players 1 to 2 Scale tactical
Length 180 min. Series Renaissance Battles Quad Game


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Crossbows and Cannon 1.3.vmod module 15.87 MB 2020-12-04 3.3.2
Battle of Bicocca.vsav battle setup 10 KB 2020-12-04 3.3.2
Battle of Pavia.vsav battle setup 7 KB 2020-12-04 3.3.2
Battle of Garigliano.vsav battle setup 6 KB 2020-12-04 3.3.2
Battle of Ravenna.vsav battle setup 10 KB 2020-12-04 3.3.2

Module Information



This module includes all battles from "Crossbows and Cannon I" and "Crossbows and Cannon II" by 3W (World Wide Wargames). There are four ready setups for the battles of Bicocca, Garigliano, Pavia and Ravenna. The other setups are freer, so I decided not to include them in the module as ready setup scenarios. There are a few weird counter placements in some setups. I followed the original setup, so if there is a mistake, it's also in the original rule book. Sometimes the colours of units don't make much sense, but that's the way the game was originally published. The counter of the leader Cardona was missing from the game (?!), so I had to build it from scratch. Hope you like this module. Any further contribution will be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Paolo Ciarlo