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Cuba Libre BC.jpg
Publisher GMT Games Era Modern Warfare
Year 2013 Topic Asymmetric Warfare
Players 1 to 4 Scale Abstract
Length Medium Series GMT COIN Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Cuba Libre1.1.vmod Module 18.94 MB 2013-08-16 3.2.8
Cuba Libre1.2.vmod Module 18.94 MB 2013-08-16 3.2.8
Cuba Libre1.3.vmod Module 19 MB 2014-10-29 3.2.13
Cuba Libre1.3.1.vmod Module 19.02 MB 2020-10-11 3.4.0
Cuba Libre1.3.2.vmod Module 18.88 MB 2021-03-18 3.4.0

Module Information

Maintainer Joel Toppen
Contributors Joel Toppen


GMT Games 2013; Volko Ruhnke Design

Version 1.01 Update: Adjusted piece layers so that pawns are above cubs/cylinders/bases and Cash markers are beneath.

Version 1.02 Update: Fixed Short Deck button.

Version 1.1 Update: Fixed send to deck bug (used a send to location workaround; the but still exists in the software, I just achieved the same effect with another method).

Version 1.2 Update: Fixed the Syndicate Casinos so that they only count for control when OPEN.

Version 1.3 Update: Fixed GOVT Faction Card so that Sweep reads correctly per rulebook.

Version 1.3.1 Update: Module updated for Vassal 3.4 compatibility.

Version 1.3.2 Update: (bdgza) The 26July player in the included default game setup is now released and available to be selected.

Video of Game Demo: Cuba Libre Demo


1. You will need to use VASSAL Engine version 3.2.8 or higher to use this module.

2. A right-click on Population boxes (Cities and Provinces) and Econ boxes (on ECs) produces a menu to expedite placement of game pieces.

3. To create the deck, open the Deck Preparation Window by pressing the button on the toolbar. Inside this window, a single click of the "Create Deck" button will generate the deck which will appear on the map on the left side of the main map screen.

4. In accordance with GMT's wishes, we will not be including the Solitaire game charts in the module. Thank you for understanding!

5. The module automatically calculates Total Support and Opposition + Bases. To adjust Support/Opposition, right-click on the Support/Opposition/Neutral button in each city and province space. As Support/Opposition is adjusted, the module will shift the Support and Op+Bases markers on the map automatically. As you can see, there are shortcut keyboard commands that can be used on the Support/Opposition/Neutral buttons (Ctrl-[ and Ctrl-]).

6. Control of spaces is managed dynamically as you move pieces the module will automatically calculate control. During Redeployment, it may be useful to mark GOVT controlled spaces with pawns before you start moving pieces so you can remember what spaces were GOVT-controlled at the start of the phase.

7. To draw cards from the deck press the "Draw Card" button on the toolbar. Pressing this button will shift the card from the "Upcoming" slot to the "Current" slot on in the card play area on the left side of the main map window. Pressing the "End Card Play" button will discard the current card as well as rearrange the eligibility cylinders.


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  • Joel Toppen
  • Stéphane Renard
  • Kevin Rohrer
  • Michaelangelo
  • cianchet
  • bdgza
  • Paul-E