From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1961 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors‎
3rd edition (1977)
D-Day-v3.0a.vmod Module 6.02 MB 2023-11-14 3.7.5 Frank Jordan
DDay-1.0-ch.vmod Module 8.92 MB 2022-10-28 3.6.7 Christian Holm Christensen
DDay-1.0-ch-oldschool.vmod Module 7.21 MB 2022-10-28 3.6.7 Christian Holm Christensen
D-DAY-77-1.1.vmod Module 8.66 MB 2018-08-04 3.2.17 Tommy Crispin
2nd Edition (1965/66)
2.02 Turny Mods Primary
DDayVolkssturm.vmod Module 21.99 MB 2021-08-26 3.5.7 Gordon Cerow
D-Day-v202.vmod Module 3.12 MB 2010-03-21 3.1.14 Brian Mason BiLL Soz
D-Day.vmod Module 3.02 MB 2009-11-02 3.1.12 Brian Mason
Supporting material ZIP. 2.38 MB n/a Windows (XP-Win7) Desktop Icons for D-Day
Using_the_D-Day_Module.pdf PDF 120 KB n/a Using the Module
TAHGC_D-Day_Rulebook-100313.pdf PDF 4.5 MB n/a Basic & Tournament rules
D-Day_Basic_Game_Rules_1965_edition.pdf PDF 1.25 MB n/a Basic Game Rules 1965 edition
D-Day_Tournament_Rules_1965_edition.pdf PDF 3.87 MB n/a Tournament Rules 1965 edition


2nd Edition by Brian Mason et al

Avalon Hill, Revised Edition 1965. Module Created by Brian Mason. Contact Brian at

Version history
Version Date Notes
1.00 2009/11/1 Initial offering
2.01 2010/3/16 Edited by Bill Sosnicki
2.02 2010/3/21 Edited by Bill Sosnicki

2nd Edition by Gordon Cerow

Avalon Hill, 2nd edition with Stepped Tourny Game.

3rd Edition by Tommy Crispin

Uses John Cooper's mapboard and three sets of counter art; John Coopers and two from Thomas Krynicki. All with permission of respective copyright holders.

Turn track reflects alternate rules from Mr. Krynicki that abstacts the Russian Front but will work with normal rules.

3rd Edition by Christian Holm Christensen

  • Two version:
  • Rules included via Help menu
  • Tutorial
  • Some automated actions
  • Print'n'Play version available from BoardGameGeek file section

Please read the Help->More information for - well - more information.

Sources of module and Print'n'Play versions available from GitLab. Please go there for the latest and greatest version of the both the module and Print'n'Play version. The Print'n'Play version is available in many formats.

3rd Edition by Frank Jordan

The File:D-Day-v3.0a.vmod D-Day 3.0a module uses Danny Holte's mapboard that he created in 2010 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Charles Robert's D-Day game. Two sets of counters are included; Avalon Hill's classic red and blue and WWII fatigue colors with unit insignias. The latter set is presented with the kind permission of Mr. Holte. The counters flip to show the reduced strength/movement caused by isolation. Extra counters for the 77 rules are included: ports, supply ranges, Carpet bombers, and Close Air Support units.

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