Module:DSE-Death Can Wait

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Publisher DSE Era Modern
Year 2018 Topic Medical
Players 1+ Scale Division Medical Support
Length 2h-6h Series MMAS

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Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Death_Can_Wait_MMAS_v1.vmod module 10.82 MB June 2018 (original game) v3.6.7 Curt Pangracs Caitlin J. Ebbets

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Death Can Wait is a wargame designed to answer the question: How can we model an Army Field Hospital conducting preparation, deployment, operation, and a sequel mission, in a competitive board game? This game provides an opportunity for players to learn about the Field Hospital and to gain experience with common events that occur during operations; it also provides a framework for specialized unit training, and a tool for building teamwork and leaders. The following secondary questions were used to build the game: 1) what are the key dynamics that must be modeled for the game to accurately represent the Field Hospital, 2) how can the key aspects be modeled in a competitive board game, and 3) how to make the game approachable and playable?

This module is part of the Directorate of Simulation (Army University) MMAS in Wargaming Series. This module was created by Curt Pangracs, DSE.

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