Module:DSE - Decisive Operations

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Publisher DSE Era Modern Warfare
Year 2022 Topic Modern Combat
Players 2 Scale Division
Length 2h-6h Series MMAS

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Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Decisive_Ops_MMAS_(v03).vmod module 21.54 MB 2022 (original game) v3.6.7 Curt Pangracs Daniel Warner

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Welcome to Decisive Operations, a divisional-level game of modern combat. As a U.S. Army Division or PLA Army commander, you will muster a force to engage in decisive large-scale combat operations. The game is scaled to a kitchen table and designed for both wargamers and non-wargamers to put on their green tab and Command in a large-scale modern and post-modern operating environment. Planning for effects and maneuvering your units is quick and intuitive. The game is an immersive struggle between planning for future operations by predicting and disrupting your opponent's plans.

Visit the Decisive Operations blog at to provide gameplay feedback and stay up to date with rules and new scenarios.

This module is part of the Directorate of Simulation (Army University) MMAS in Wargaming Series. This module was created by Curt Pangracs, DSE.

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