Module:Dark Cults

From Vassal
Publisher Dark House Era Fantasy
Year 1983 Topic Horror
Players 1 to 2 Scale Abstract
Length 60 min


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DarkCults.vmod module 16.67 MB 2015-02-17 3.2.15

Module Information

Maintainer Diana Pest


"What evil lurks around every corner? What blackness is harbored in the minds of mankind? What unspeakable terrors wait silent only until summoned? You will know once you have played the supernatural horror story game DARK CULTS."

In this horror story creating card game Life and Death play against each other to decide the fate of the protagonist Horace Phineas Lovejoy, who is out in the streets at night and experiences every event that is stated on the cards. While Death tries to subject him to unspeakable horror with his demise as ultimate goal, Life tries to save him from Death's malicious plans.

The objective is to gather points and, most importantly, to create and engage into a story.


The rules are contained in the module. You can find them after clicking the "Rules" button.

Additional rule: Object cards (O symbol on the top left) need to be placed after location cards and have a value of 2 points.

Map Layout

The deck on the left is the Story Card Deck from which most cards are drawn. The second deck is the Pace Card Deck. The third deck (empty) is the Pace Card Discard Deck and the fourth (empty) is the Graveyard, where discarded story cards go to.

Below these cards is a big picture of a lonely, sinister night street. This is where the story cards are supposed to be put to form a storyline.


Designed by Kenneth Rahman, card art by Eymoth and published by Dark House.

The game is, unfortunately, out of print.

Screen Shots