Module:De Bellis Vassalus

From Vassal
Publisher Wargames Research Group Era unknown
Year 1993 Topic unknown
Players 2 to 2 Scale unknown
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
DBV2.74.vmod Module 6.62 MB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer mehrunes
Contributors Skalla, mehrunes


Ancient miniatures warfare

Version 2.1:

  • Added ability to put multiple boards together, to play DBM for example.
  • 2.1 has optimised graphics for smoother gameplay.

To help with the memory leak issue I have found it helpful to minimise the VASSAL window every so often as this seems to reset the memory use.

  • I have removed the name tags from the counter artwork

and added in a "name" label option. This should allow you to use the mod for DBM or other games, though DBM will probably need a larger board size. -Added in a 24x32 and 32x32 board for those that like to play DBA on bigger boards.

Version 2.5:

  • added recoil move for units
  • pivot ability for ruler and wheel gauge
  • pips die now functions as an actual die, click in the middle of the counter to roll

Version 2.62:

  • new DBV version

Version 2.63:

  • added Fire Arc for Artillery

Version 2.64:

  • added Fire Arc for War Wagons
  • reduced number of rotate facings<
  • corrected issue with non-rotating unit decription

Version 2.7:

  • added more terrain
  • terrain in legal sizes from small to large pieces
  • two versions of boards (grassland and desert)
  • rescaled all graphics to ease further development

Version 2.71:

  • scaled graphics down to half size because of memory problems
  • changed fire arcs and ZOCs to red for better visibility

Version 2.72:

  • corrected issues with ZOC and recoiling
  • added pursuit trait to Warbands, Knights, Hordes and Scythed Chariots

Version 2.73:

  • corrected issues with new Vassal version, selection now visible, fire arc corrected

Version 2.74:

  • corrected depth of battle wagons and linked issues

Screen Shots


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