Module:Dead of Winter

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Gunpowder
Year 2009 Topic American Civil War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length unknown Series Great Battles of the American Civil War

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Dead_of_Winter_v2.06.vmod Module 26.68 MB 2020-06-21 3.2.17 Stiglr Stiglr
Dead_of_Winter_v2.05.vmod Module 26.67 MB 2020-06-15 3.2.17 Stiglr Stiglr
Dead_of_Winter_v2.03.vmod Module 26.6 MB 2020-05-16 3.2.17 Stiglr Stiglr
Dead_of_Winter_v2.02.vmod Module 26.58 MB 2016-02-15 3.2.15+ Stiglr Stiglr
Dead_of_Winter_v2.01.vmod Module 26.47 MB 2016-02-15 3.2.15+ Stiglr Stiglr
Dead_of_Winter_v2.00.vmod Module 26.43 MB 2016-02-15 3.2.15+ Stiglr Stiglr
Dead of winter 1_06.vmod Module 22.07 MB xxxx-xx-xx 3.0+ alfonso alfonso


GMT:Great Battles of American Civil War Download also available at this location (version 1.06)

Version 2.06: - Standalone Ammo Depletion markers added (as an alternative to the right-click banners); also, ammo depletion sequence has been upgraded from -1/-2/-3/OUT to the current 2019 Rules' -2/OUT progression. - Line of Sight function has been modified to only report FROM and TO hexes, not every hex along the traced line.

Version 2.05: - Fatigue Markers added (optional use on map in lieu of Fatigue banners on Brigadier counters) - Union Division Johnson was missing AM; this is now added

Version 2.03: - Abandoned Artillery markers added (to support the 2019 rules addition) - SP (Strength Point) marker fixed (was not incrementing/or decreasing)

-Version 2.02 fixes a few small errors:

  • Brigadiers now have Orders banners (had forgotten to add the keystroke to activate them, so they weren't appearing as options when the leader counters were right-clicked)
  • The Refuse Flank marker now rotates properly on both sides
  • A SP (strength point) marker has been added for players who want a more authentic representation of play on the map
  • The SP marking on the counters has been enlarged to aid in reading the smaller counters in this game.
  • An Orders marker has been added, for use to mark individual "out of command" regiments that may have different orders than the rest of the brigade

-Version 2.01 is a stopgap to fix a vexing problem that has been discovered with the Efficiency Marker decks, specifically the CSA EM deck, which seems to have simply "gone missing"; the engine can't "find" the 11 markers that are set up (you can verify this with a trip to the Editor). So, unable to solve the problem, I created some tabs in the AM chit display, so now there are both a Confederate and Union set of EM "pieces" as a backup. These work similarly to the "cards" in the EM deck, with Masking and "peeking" for the owning side and observers; except that, as "pieces" they have no "return to deck" feature. The CSA player can drag the proper mix of masked EM pieces into the Union Kepi (normally used for AM pools) during the Efficiency Phase, then, draw the remainder out before adding in any AM chits for the turn. The pieces are clonable and deletable, so they can be organized however works best for the players. For example, the CSA player might use the pieces each turn for Efficiency while the Union player uses the EM deck and the "return to deck feature".

Version 2.0 is a complete upgrade of the original module.

  • The map has been reoriented so that the top of the map points North.
  • The map size has been increased slightly, and the counters are now 75 pixels square.
  • The map reports movement in the text buffer with Map A - Map D prefixes.
  • Many features have been added to the piece prototypes, making play more convenient, and reducing the need for status marker pieces.
  • All ten scenarios and the Introductory Skirmish have been set up as presets.
  • The module interface has been expanded and improved.
  • The 1d10 now properly reports 0 - 9 results, never again to be confused with 1-10 results.

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