Module:Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game

From Vassal
Publisher Plaid Hat Games Era Modern
Year 2014 Topic Zombies
Players 3 to 5 Scale Abstract
Length 1-3 hours Series Crossroads Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Dead_of_Winter_Crossroads_1.1.vmod module 30.88 MB 2015-07-22 3.2.15
Dead_of_Winter_Crossroads_1.0.vmod module 30.83 MB 2015-06-29 3.2.15

Module Information

Maintainer Robo
Contributors Robo


All Secret Betrayal Objective card texts are censored to ensure players own a copy.

Vassal bug: Sometimes card decks can bug out(cards gone missing, always face-up).
Solution: Synchronize to the player who do not see this bug.


  • Right-click on item cards to pass to other players.
  • Draw crisis button on main board
  • Dice actions reports


  • Drag and drop objects if there is no right click option.
  • Right-click on Round tracker and Morale tracker to move it.
  • Right-click on zombie locations to place zombie or barricade.
  • Right-click on noise location to place noise token
  • Right-click on the bottom 3 rows of Colony Occupants to place a helpess survivor.
  • Right-click on Food Supply to change values
  • Right-click on Survivor cards to add Wound, Frostbite, Equipments icons. You can stack item cards on survivor cards, use the mouse and hover over it to see an expanded view.
  • All game tokens and dice are under "Pieces", most are just backups.
  • Main Objectives, Secret Objectives, Crisis Contributions are set to Always Shuffle.

Screen Shots

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