Module:Death Ride Salerno: 16th Panzer

From Vassal
Publisher Grognard Simulations, Inc. Era WWII
Year 2011 Topic Mediterranean Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Long Series Death Ride


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
DRS-16PzD_v1.0.vmod Module 19.39 MB 2013-06-16 3.2

Module Information

Maintainer Antonio Pinar
Contributors Christopher Fasulo (Grognard Simulations, Inc.)


This is a new series based on the Death Ride game system. This series will be comprised of a base game, 16Pz, with the rules, charts, markers, dice, etc that enable play of the other modules. The other modules will include 29PzGr, 16Pz Expansion, and Herman Goering/15PzGr. Each of these will focus on about a divisions worth of Germans and Allies and include the maps and unit counters specific to those elements. The entire beachhead will be covered when the entire series is complete.

The total game package will have the equivalent of 7 and a half 22 x 34 map sheets. Most modules will have just (2) 22 x 34 maps. Each module will have a number of scenarios that allow for smaller table space and game play duration.

The system has some enhancements with unit counters, such as the use of silouhettes for tanks and color coding of the different organizations for ease of tracing command and control. The rules are well written and efficient. They are clear and easy to read. They are organized in a manner that aides learning. They are structured along the 7 Battlefield Operating Systems which are Command and Control, Maneuver, Fire Support, Combat Service Support, Intelligence, Mobility and Survivability, and Air Defense. This provides a real world view of the rules as opposed to a gamers view of the rules, but will greatly ease the learning curve and put the rules into proper context.

The units are modeled as Platoons for the Germans and mostly Companies and some platoons for the Allies. Units have Secondary and Primary weapons and may use these in conjunction with each other or separately against the same or different targets.

A key feature of the game system is the Operations Phase. During this time most of the action occurs. One player may perform movement, fire, overrun, go into reserve, or setup in overwatch, and do it in any order the player wants. This allows for a free flow of action that more closely resembles combat and the execution of smaller parts of the overall plan. The non-phasing player must keep a close eye on the enemy as they may use opportunity fire to slow or stop the movement they don't like. They may also use reserves to bolster the defense. Players will see that this gives them maximum flexibility and gives both players something to do at all times.

Both sides in this series of games will have some time on the attack and on the defense. The Germans are defending at start and on the 13th Sept they change to the offensive as they try to force the Americans off the beach. This helps make sure that you aren't only being pummeled and can pummel the other guy a little too. As the allies you get a big advantage with air and naval support to help keep the Germans at bay and you even get to drop the 82nd Airborne to help secure the beachhead. The battle starts on 10 September, the day after the landings, and there are scenarios that start at the beginning of each day to allow for smaller, shorter games.

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