Module:Dien Bien Phu: The Final Gamble

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Publisher Legion Wargames Era Modern Warfare
Year 2014 Topic First Indochina War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 360

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
1.20 (2nd Edition)
Dien_Bien_Phu_2ed_1_20.vmod Module 20.65 MB 2020-03-08 3.17 Jim Pyle Jeff Coyle, Alan 'Murph' Murphy
1.10 (2nd Edition)
Dien_Bien_Phu_2ed_1_10.vmod Module 20.25 MB 2020-02-08 3.17 Jim Pyle Jeff Coyle, Alan 'Murph' Murphy
1.00 (2nd Edition)
Dien Bien Phu 2ed 1_00.vmod Module 48.24 MB 2019-09-27 3.17 Jeff Coyle Alan 'Murph' Murphy
1.3 English
DBP_v1_3.vmod module 31.01 MB 2016-04-20 3.2.15 Don Stone Mitchell Land
1.2 English
DBP_v1_2.vmod module 31 MB 2016-02-22 3.2.15 Don Stone
1.1 English
DBP_v1_1.vmod module 31.02 MB 2014-12-06 3.2.13 Peter Bennett
1.0 English
DBP_v1_0.vmod module 31 MB 2014-09-23 3.2.13 Peter Bennett


ver 1.20 (2nd Editions

1. Added adjustable Trench Zone lines to map. This will ONLY WORK with games started with this version of the module

2. Made trench control markers unmovable to avoid accidental moving.

ver 1.10 (2nd Edition)

1. Automated removal of Shaken

2. “Moved” labels bigger

3. “Label” text bigger and red on white

4. Made Disorganized counter marker on unit counters easier to see

5. Changed outline color of unit selected

6. More detailed labeling of tracks for noting of moves in Comment Section of screen

v1_3 Same as 1.2 except that colored KTX markers have been added (with Change Label) to mark various items during PBEM.

v1_2 uses a fixed counterset (except for markers) and handles the barrage and Hanoi airfield boxes a little more elegantly

v1_1 corrects the setup errors in Scenario A and adds zones for all of the strongpoints so the strongpoint name will display when the cursor is hovered over the hex.

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  • Peter Bennett
  • Daniel T.