Module:Duel of Ages II

From Vassal
Publisher Worldspanner Era Human Epoch
Year 2013 Topic Adventure
Players 2 to 8 Scale Tactical
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Duel_of_Ages_II.vmod Module 37.95 MB 2013-12-10 3.2.8 Alfonso Velasco Alfonso Velasco
DOA2 111.vmod Module 107.64 MB 2016-10-14 3.2.8 Alfonso Velasco Alfonso Velasco
DOA2 1235.vmod Module 107.74 MB 2016-10-14 3.2.8 Jonathan C. Dietrich Jonathan C. Dietrich
DOA2_1236.vmod Module 121.74 MB 2017-07-07 3.2.8 Chris Kessel Chris Kessel
DOA2_1237.vmod Module 121.77 MB 2023-08-12 3.2.8 Chris Kessel Chris Kessel

Module Information

Maintainer Alfonso Velasco
Contributors Alfonso Velasco, Jonathan C. Dietrich


Version 1.0

Basic only.

Version 1.11

Master Set.

Version 1.235

Master set with names to everything (I think), added a turn tracker, health tracking on characters, combat score calculations (assuming you mark your characters dead or imprisoned), organized the layout a bit, and included a few scans of straightened card backs. (Module Version 1.235)

Version 1.236

Added the Collector's bundle platters. Also resized all the platters to fit together a bit better. Added a 2nd challenge deck for each player for those that like to have separate decks for dismissals and challenges.

Version 1.237

Added the missing Gengish Khan and Zera Kail counter

Screen Shots


  • Alfonso Velasco
  • Daniel Tallarek