Module:Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures

From Vassal
Publisher Wizards of the Coast Era Fantasy
Year 2003 Topic Fighting
Players 2 to 2 Scale Miniatures
Length Short


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
[[media:[] Module (see notes below) "[ is not a valid title 2020-04-18 3.2.17
RPG Tactical 1.1
RPGTactical.v1.1.0.vmod Module (see notes below) 11.3 MB 2012-12-16 3.1.20
Scenario_cache.vmdx Extension (see notes below) 409 KB unknown unknown
RPGMapper2.23.vmdx Extension (see notes below) 7.99 MB unknown unknown
DDM2 Extension.vmdx Extension 11.21 MB unknown unknown
DDM2.vmod Module (see notes below) 6.57 MB unknown unknown
RPG Mapper 1.5.1
RPGMapper.vmod Module (see notes below) 6.97 MB unknown unknown
Miniatures Skirmish Game 1-9-1.vmod Module 5.57 MB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer thewoodcutter
Contributors Darkfather, tullywi, Hougar, Calsir, kevin


Dungeons and Dragons Miniature Skirmish game. Updated through Premium Set 2 (04/20/2020).

The Eternal Campaign extension contains extra maps and tiles that have been used in the Eternal Campaign.

DDM2 Notes

  • This is the Mod for DDM2 game. It contains all units as of 1/11/18 . The DDM2_ext will be required to run this mod properly.|

RPG Mapper Extension Notes

  • There is a new extension called RPG Mapper. It takes the original RPG Mapper module and allows it to work with the latest minis. It will work with all future editions of the skirmish module. This extension is not compatible with skirmishing. If you want to do both, I suggest having a folder for skirmish and a folder for RPG. Both folders would contain the module and extension folder. The new RPG Mapper extension should then be placed in the RPG extension folder.
  • This extension is for running RPG sessions on Vassal. It is mostly made up of the Vassal mod RPG Mapper. This extension gives the old module an automatic update as new units come out

Scenario Cache Notes

  • This contains the Icingdeath Icon and Icingdeath's Lair map.

RPG Mapper Module 1.5.1 Notes

  • Playing aid for DMs running role-playing campaigns
  • This module is heavily based on the work of Amurayi and Darkfather, utilizing the base map and figures from the DnD Miniatures Skirmish game. What I added were several features for the DM and players to add full functionality to a online roleplaying session.
  • This module has only been through light playtesting. Feel free to send comments and suggestions to me on this forum or at I'm very interested to know if it works well/poorly, where it needs works, etc.

Thanks, Kevin.

RPG Tactical 1.1 Notes

  • This is a rework of Miniature Skirmish Game and RPG Mapper to be used by groups composed of players and a gamemaster. It introduces the side of Dungeon Master that has control over the map setup and the display of tiles and units. Of course, credits are due to the creators of Miniatures Skirmish Game 1.14.4.

Release Notes

1.1.0 - 12/16/2012

  • Changed Areas of Effects:
    • Added 4 different interchangeable shades
    • Moved the area of effect layer below Units and Notes

1.0.0 - 07/10/2009

  • Initial Release

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